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Musical genius

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

From time to time we get astonishing musical phenomena as Mozart, Listz or Beethoven, who did not only give their musical heritage to the world in their classical compositions, but even thrilled their own time as brilliant improvisers as musicians. In our own time we have wonders like Keith Jarret and recently Venezuelan pianist Gabriela Montero:

It’s amazing how she from a short theme, often sing by the audience, creates divine music of the moment, to lift and enchant the whole audience! And she have the experience herself, that it is a flow from within, that she can’t control by thought!

And here is a cute duet from two other masters Bobby Mc’Ferrin and Aziza Mustafa Zahed:

Aziza is even a brilliant jazz pianist:

…and of course, let’s not forget Keith:

The gift of musicality and even the gift of improvisation are skills that can not be explained fully by genetics only.  In the contrary, we got many examples on musical genius, that don’t get it from family; and for wonder kids like Mozart and Gabriela, it’s obvious that we need more than one life to evolve a talent like that!

And by just listening to these artists, you know directly in your heart, that this is much greater than just chromosomes and chance! How can these deep expressions of so many emotions and moods, be anything else, than lifetimes of practice and experience from both music and life it self? Great art like this, carry the whole world in it, and thus touches everybody deep in the heart!

In the cosmic perspective, the creation of a talent is a long process that goes through 3 states (according to Martinus) :

A)  Motivation – the first wish to aquire a new skill, often activated by inspiration of seeing one, who already is a master.

B)   Practice –  the long period of hard work, that is the threshold to prove the strength of motivation.

C)   Genius –  the final state of exellence, where the skill is automatic and can flow freely through the organism, to inspire the world!

So the skill of musical genius, is the final destiny or “good karma” of  hundred of lifetimes of hard work. Imagine if we could see all the steps to the ultimate goal! First as a total tone deaf , nonrhythmic person, ashamed and maybe bullied for this by both friends and enemies. Then after being saturated of this lack of talent, the growing interest in music and rythm – listening and watching to this new world of musicians and singers, finding inspiration and getting the ear acquainted to pitch and harmony. Slowly the inspiration of listening to others give more and more pleasure, and one day you begin to form music by singing or humming a tune. From year to year, life to life, you gain better and better control of your vocal cords, you join choirs, sing in church or other rituals and traditions, as the celebration songs at the village gatherings. In some life, you get an opportunity to try an instrument, and you might be forced to practice by harsh parents or teachers, or you might steal away to practice by you own will, if it is not allowed be these grown ups! In some lifetimes, singing or playing is a need to survive, like the slaves in the cotton fields or Zorba the Greek, who dances out his sorrow!

The more expression and depth of feeling and the more bliss of divinity in the musical talent, the longer the way to exellence! And all the echoes of all this suffering and hard work, touches us deep within, when we listen, and lift the soul! Great art moves in all areas of life, expresses all emotion through all dynamics and rhythms, because the inspiration has grown through so much personal experience of life, that anyone can connect! And when the artist, apart from the ultimate skill of technical brilliance on his or hers instrument, even has reached a certain point of human evolution, where the ego and personal ambition is transformed to generosity and a humble wish to serve mankind through music, the talent becomes a channel of divine inspiration from higher spiritual worlds, so the music of God can break through and lift the spirits of us all! Then it’s real inspiration creating classical masterpieces – timeless, eternal music – the music of cosmos!