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2012 – doomsday or blessing?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

This year has a mystic aura spelled out in media as youtube, facebook and blogs about the meaning of the end of Maya calendar, and we can find websites monitoring earthquakes, vulcanos and political crises as proof of the coming doomsday! Different religious and spiritual groups take the opportunity to ad horror to the prophecy and claim terms of salvation. So how do we handle this? How can modern cosmic perspective through the laws of karma help us get order in kaos?

First, we can sort out all claims that are obvious false, like planets lining up, for instance. In this nasa article astronomers  give facts for fiction and help us see through the New Age wishful thinking. At dec 21 2012 there is either a planet line up or earth lining up with the center of the milky way, there is no new planet Niburu, and the Mayans never talked about their calendar ending, and even less of the end of the world! It’s true that a circle is ending – the Mayan  baktun, that is 144,000 days: a little more than 394 years. But there will be lots of baktuns after this, just as there will be lots of millenniums after the last!

What if it’s all about paper? When you print a calendar, you have to set a limit, due to choice of format: 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 100 years all depending of your purpose of the calendar. Imagine that the Mayan calendar was actually given to earth by more advanced visitors from space. They might have handed over a printout, but had to set a practical limit – of this baktun, or the paper simply run out there!! And the foolish earthlings thinks, that when the calendar ends – the world ends!

But then again, there is no smoke without a fire, and our planet is still in a crises! Global warming is happening, world economy is crashing and many threats are still to be handled by world leaders and world society! The turning point in this discussion is just a matter of time scope!

Man has a hard time with long term perspective, and always tend to put things in a closer range, to be able to handle it more easy. Maybe it’s even a wish to be there and witness the great events, to be a part of history ourselves! As described in other articles in this blog, disaster and crises will escalate in the future, not because of old prophesies, but because of the law of karma! We put it there ourselves, in this and former lifetimes!

But the beauty of it is not the actual events, but the meaning behind – the transformation of mankind, not overnight on a special date, like 12/21 2012, but gradually through centuries and millenniums and baktuns! Karma is the teaching of life through cause and effect, and the present world crises, both environmental and political, is proof enough of the need of this divine principle!

I was told that a doomsday gathering in a San Fransisco park in the 70’s turned out to be a great disappointment, when the world did not end, as predicted by the prophets, and the hippies had to go home to confront every days challenges, as usual! What a bore! But this is exactly what it’s all about – a New Age romanticism, impatient, understandable, but not practical! Who want’s to hear about a very slow evolution, step by step, through hard work and brave endeavor, with no shortcuts or exceptions?

The beauty is the total justice of this slow evolution – we all have to walk it through! From a higher perspective, the crises are the transformation. Market economy must crash, to make room for the cosmic economy build on equal for equal! Superpowers must fall to make room for a world government for global peace! The “holy cow” called “growth” and “expansion” must give way for “degrowth” and “sustainability” . The grassroots movements knows it! The wise knows it! In your heart, you know it! It’s scary, but in the same time thrilling!

So when nothing special happens 12/21 2012, it is a kind of wakeup call! Stop dreaming –begin working! We need all hands to get this done! Begin where you are! Be just! Be honest! Be helpful! Be true! Simple steps for a better world! Take command of your karma and change the world! Plant good seeds and you will harvest good crops! Listen to your heart, use your logic, open your eyes, and you can see the beauty is already here……







Nuclear disaster

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

The world is shaken and Japan in kaos. After the quake and tsunami 11th of mars the nuclear power plant of Fukushima is melting down! All the things, that was not suppose to go wrong, did! Rescue workers now risk there own life to cool the core to prevent radiation burst out!

fukushima disaster

In time of a catastrophe like this, where several small cities are wiped out, thousands of inhabitants killed and a major escape from the country is beginning, it’s evident that victims ask the questions: Why us, why me!

It seems highly unjust that Japan, once before hit by nuclear radiation, should suffer again! How can God exist? How can there be divine justice and love in this?
Well, we see that love and compassion does exist in all care and help offered to Japan from all over the world, and through all unselfish rescue work and assistance taking place in eastern Japan on a daily basis! In a strange way, humanity comes forward in times of trouble, giving hope in a time where consumption and market economy is hitting high score in cynicism and egoism! The bright site of crises is the chance for man to evolve compassion and empathy, and get closer to each other and the essentials of life!

But as time ease the pain, the question still remains: Why?

Let’s try to broaden the perspective to get a glimpse of the divine plan behind this!

First – mother earth is alive, humans being braincells in her organism! The movement of continental plates – four of them meeting outside the eastcoast of Japan – is just part of a normal organic function in planet earth physiology. The life of mother earth is much slower seen from the perspective of her microbeings – humans and animals – so our illusion of stability is only a trick of perspective! The famous words of Heraclitus Ta Panta rhei, “everything flows” is getting a new meaning! The shape of continents, mountain and rivers are constantly changing and earthquakes, tsunamies and vulcanic activities are natural signs of the growth of  the physical body of mother earth!

So there is no evil in these disasters, only ignorance, to understand nature as a living being! In the future, man will learn to share the planet and inhabit only safe land! We might be better to understand and predict natural disasters, allowing us to visit the risk areas for recreation and travel in safe periods, but not to stay resident permanently!

Apart from this, the suffering of natural disasters, still has a meaning as a karmic release of meat-eating karma, as explained in other blogs! Killing without hate, is the common indicator – we don’t hate the animal we slaughter – and mother earth don’t hate those microbeings, who is caught and killed in her growth process! Slowly the experience of suffering refines our empathy to embrace animals and fish as well as other human beings! But it’s a slow learning process!  How many disasters does it take to create a vegetarian? We need many lifetimes for this evolution of real humanity!

And so the question of nuclear disaster! What is the cosmic logic in this? Well, nuclear processes are natural in the sun and in the core of living planets, but they are not suppose to exist on the organic surface – the biosphere! The obvious threat of  radiation damage to biological life ought to be enough to ban the use, as the problem of danger with vaste material for thousands of generation to come! The present disaster brings new energy to debate and surface the actual danger and risk in a very clear message, through daily media of the world! This is indeed out of hand!

But what is the karmic pattern here? Well, apart from the obvious egotistic issue of materialism, consuming the goods of the earth, craving energy over our assets, prepared to get rich at whatever cost in human and biological life, to the point of extinction of it all – there are an even deeper cosmic threat!

The atoms we split in fission reactions is part of microcosmic life! The universe is life within life! The tiny particles in the atom is actually inhabited worlds in microcosm. Size is just a trick of perspective again! By using nuclear power, we actually become destroyer of worlds!

For the cosmic eye, there are no size – all is equal! A cosmic conscious being is able to visit the microworld like a pandora box! It opens and reveals worlds of beauty and life! To split an atom is a gigantic global disaster for a microworld! What if macro scientists look at our world as a particle in an atom? What if they need energy and wants to split the “dead matter” that happens to be our home? Do we really know what we are doing, messing around in microcosm? What seeds are we planting, using this kind of energy in our homes?

As awareness grow in these matters, it becomes a major task for humanity to stop using nuclear energy and weapons, and to find solutions in science and lifestyle, that can support life, instead of destroying it! This will be the turning point of  human evolution toward karmic liberation. Karma is only the teacher of life; so when the lesson is learned – it is resolved! Of course the law of cause and effect is still working, but more and more in favour of pleasant karmic release, due to our own well-doing from the past! The secret is simple – place the seeds you want to harvest! Support life, and you will gain life! Help your fellow beings and you will receive help when needed! Care about both macro – and microbeings, and nature will embrace you with the beauty and wonder of life, for all times!



Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

The world crises is not only about money and terror, but even nature disasters as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. Mother earth is alive with a potent immune system that we call weather, climate and nature catastrophes. In the cosmic scale, it all makes sense, that the organic defence system of our planet is reacting on pollution, global warming and other man made crises. It’s a historical fact that the winters of the great wars have been severe cold in the temperated latitudes, as the chill before a planetarian fever. Are the present cold winters a new chill of a coming world war III?

What ever form the crises takes, the result is suffering for millions, and without the perspective of reincarnation and karma, it makes no sense at all! But in the light of cause and effect -the law of karma – the mystery of suffering is solved! In this brilliant logic of cosmos, no one can harvest injustice, but only the effect of it’s own act -karma! So even the major crises, wars and catastrophes as every days suffering due to illness and loneliness, is self imposed!

As the universe is friendly, we need to understand and acknowledge the meaning of suffering, in all it’s shapes and variations – the main quest of future evolution on earth! As described in earlier bloggs, meat-eating karma is the major trigger of collective karma release as accidents and nature disasters!. Man is a slow learner, and the growth of humanity through suffering, takes many lifetimes, before the empathy and brotherly love expands to include even animal life. But for each strike of nature, for each tear and pain, the ability to imagine the suffering of our fellow beings, grows stronger -and one fine day our sensitivity will stretch out and embrace the victims of our eating habits, to that extent, that it becomes impossible to kill to live.

At that point in human evolution, to hurt another being, hurts as much on our own body, and the awareness and understanding of the killing and animal suffering in the meat industry, as well as the unhealthy influence on our microbeings, makes it obvious to choose the vegetarian lifestyle -not because of fashion or trends, or nutrition science research, but because of a deep ethical conviction rooted in life experience of former meat-eating karma!

This is a major graduation in the school of life, and the major power of peace work and healing the planet! It’s a long way to go, but for every new generation, we will see more and more ethical vegetarians, in all those reincarnated victims of past disasters and wars.These are the future of peace loving, animal loving emphatic beings who will refuse to bear arms and kill animals! These are role models for a haunted civilization.

So the future quest is to embrace life in all aspects – even the teachings of karma! With a higher quality of human awareness, we can learn the lesson faster, realize our own part in the creation of crises and disaster, and start new behavior to exchange old habits and conventions. Is it not miraculous, that we can start world peace and solve global warming at our dinner table, just by awareness of our eating habits? Step by step, we will change our patterns to acts of life instead of acts of death – and by this create a new and better destiny, both for our own future, as well as for both micro- and macrocosm in our organism and on or planet! That’s when we will all graduate in a master degree in real humanity!


Between heaven and earth. “Birthpangs” of the Earth

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

This article was written by Olav 2005, after the Tsunami, but is even more needed now, after the recent earthquake in Haiti!

“Nations shall rise against nations, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginning of the sorrows.” * (Mark 13:8)

Through two of the most powerful earthquakes in modern times occuring within almost the same area outside Sumatra in the Indian Ocean in the course of only three months, this 2000-year-old prophesy has become a reality in a new and for many people maybe frightening way. Something which is symbolically underlined by the fact that these giant tremors both took place on the second day of Christmas (9,3 on the Richter scale) and on the second day of Easter (8,7 on the Richter scale) respectively. Christmas and Easter are of course the two greatest festivals celebrated to the memory of the words quoted above. Did this coincidence just happen by chance or is it maybe intended to be a reminder of the fact that the time that is now approaching on earth – and its purpose – was predicted already 2000 years ago from a certain vantage point of consciousness or mentality from where all the connections of terrestrial cause and effect could be overviewed and understood and therefore predicted?

One can think and believe whatever one wishes about this. But a fact that even those who only count on “hard facts”, ie. that which can be weighed and measured, cannot ignore is revealed by the following news item based on international research and statistics:

“The United Nations are now concerned about the fact that the world is hit by more frequent – and more costly – natural disasters. In 15 years the number of people who have been struck by storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and drought has tripled to 254 millions. The number of natural disasters has increased from 261 in 1990 to 337 last year.”

This news item appeared in a Swedish evening newspaper (Aftonbladet) on 21 September 2004, that is a few months before the first powerful earthquake in the Indian Ocean. And now, at the time when this is written – April 2005 – we more or less on a daily basis see and hear reports in our media about earthquakes, volcanic erputions, storms etc. in different corners of the world. At the time of writing, the latest in this succession of reports were two medium-sized (but compared to the Sumatra tremors, small) tremors that took place at the same time as large anti-Japanese demonstrations and attacks towards Japanese interests were carried out by agitated groups of people in the neighborouring country, China. That “nations shall rise against nations, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places” seems to be a prediction on its way to being fulfilled.

That these are incidents and upheavals that also affect a macrocosmic level is also made evident by the fact that the explosion in the Indian Ocean on the second day of Christmas, according to the NASA-researchers Benjamin Fong Chao and Richard Gross, was so powerful that the North Pole shifted two and a half centimetres and the 24-hour cycle was shortened by 2,68 microseconds and the flattened globe become slightly “slimmer around the waist”. The shortening of the day and night is so small that it cannot be measured. But the new position of the North Pole and the new shape of the globe could be measured with instruments on the earth or from satellites (1).

The large tremor on the 26th of December 2004 was one of the most powerful that has ever been measured and was at first classified as 9,0 on the new Richter scale. Later, more careful investigations have shown that the strength of the tremor actually was 9,3. On the logarythmic Richter scale this means a release of energy nearly three times the size, as compared to 9,0. Analyses of seismograms over a long period of time after the earthquake show that the tremor was the second largest since the invention of the seismometer a hundred years ago. Only the giant earthquake in the south of Chile in 1960, which also gave rise to a tsunami or giant tidal wave, was worse. It had a magnitude of 9,5 on the Richter scale (2).

The crises of the Earth = a cleansing process

What are we witnessing, from a cosmic point of view?

According to Martinus’ cosmic world picture the earth is of course a living being, within which we terrestial human beings, exist as microindividuals or “cells”, more specifically “braincells”. Natural disasters are in this perspective seen as reactions in a living being’s physical organism, reactions that can be characterised as “psycho-somatic” (physical reactions or disturbances that have psychic causes).

The fact that Christ in the above quotation calls these reactions “sorrows” (in swedish: “birthpangs”) is interesting since “birthpangs” are symptoms of the fact that something is about to be born. And Martinus also calls the process that is about to take place, both for the Earth as a living being and for us as its “braincells”, “the great birth”. It is a spiritual or cosmic birth that is preceeded by a psychic “cleansing process”. This psychic “cleansing process” brings about the increased frequency and intensity of “psycho-somatic” reactions in the Earth’s organism, a phenomena which we also can recognize from “cleansing processes” in our own psyche and organism. Martinus writes that “together all these phenomena constitute to the organism and mentality of the earth being’s I, nothing other than the aforementioned normal spiritual crisis that always has to take place in an individual’s mentality before it is totally posessed by “the Holy Spirit” and reaches “the great birth”. (3)

That which is to be “born” is nothing less than “a new heaven and a new earth”, as it is said in the Bible. This does not mean the physical end of the “old” Earth, but that the Earth is presently going through a psychic or spiritual process that at this stage of the process also results in “psycho-somatic” effects occuring with an increasing number and frequency.

Some time ago a writer on a Martinus internet forum formulated the following question which is perfectly justified in this context:

“Something which I cannot see the logic in is how a being who is on the point of receiving cosmic consciousness, must expose itself to such a devastating “cleansing” as when a large number of what corresponds to its braincells have to be cleansed out.”

This is a perfectly justified question, and the writer is certainly not alone in having put it. Of course the logic he refers to is not totally obvious. But first let me point out that this “cleansing” does not devastate the Earth, but is only a step in what Martinus in the above text calls “the normal spiritual crisis that always has to take place in an individual’s mentality, before it is totally posessed by “the Holy Spirit” or reaches “the great birth”. And to enable us to understand this better we must add some supplementary information that Martinus gives us in this context.

The Earth and its “braincells”

In an article entitled “The cosmic forces behind world redemption” Martinus writes, among other things, about what he calls “reflex impulses of the macrobeing” on our level of humankind, ie. reflex impulses of the Earth’s communication with its planet fellow beings. In this article Martinus points out how this has been expressed through what he calls “epochs of world redemption”. A total of four such epochs are described in the article. Epoch number four, where we are now, is conditioned by the Earth’s communication with highly developed planet fellow beings. About this present epoch he writes:

“Very powerful cosmic macroreflex impulses are penetrating humankind and have already brought about a great change in its mentality. As our macrobeing, the Earth is in the the initial stages of the experience of the great birth, it is not so strange that it is in the midst of a great mental activity and exchange of thoughts with its planet fellow beings in its own mesocosmos. These high exchanges of thought with like-minded planet beings constitute, to an especially high degree combinations of the basic energies of intelligence and feeling, which to a certain extent, because of the Earth’s double poledness, appear as intellectualized feeling, which in turn is the same as pure love.” (4)

Martinus also mentions here that it is this “macroreflex impulse” that, among other things, lies behind the unbelievably accelerating technical development on our planet in the last century. Of course we cannot directly perceive or measure the Earth being’s communication with these other planet beings. We can though, indirectly to a certain extent, undertake such a “measuring” or interpretation of this interplanetary and macrocosmic communication through the impulses that make up the foundation of, for example, religions and cultures that have been born and have flourished at different epochs in our history. Some of them can probably even be seen as “cosmic glimpses” in the consciousness of the earth individual. Since the Earth now stands on the threshold of the experience of “the great birth” it must already have experienced a number of such glimpses.

It is clear that there is a cause and effect connection between what we consider to be our outer physical world and the planet being’s inner world of thought and feeling. But, as Martinus writes in the same article, there is also an essential difference between the organism principle of the Earth and our own organism principle. I quote:

“Whereas the physical organism of terrestial humankind is intended to be a tool for purely physical activity, the planet being’s physical organism, that is the physical globe, is intended to be tool for lesser physical activity.”

There is therefore a difference or a variation in the possibilities and the limitations brought about by our different organism principles. Our organism principle is of course “mobile” on the physical plane, whereas the planets move continously in their fixed orbits. Orbits that, among other things, results in the planets not normally coming into close physical contact. (If they do come too close it results in disasters, as was the case when our planet was hit and it received its present tilt to its axis).

This means that the planets experience of mutual communication or “close contact” takes place on the thought plane (macrocosmic “telepathy”). Martinus writes in the same article that these macrocosmic exchanges of thought “create a large, active area of rays and waves surrounding the physical planet.” (6) This is an area that although invisible to us, is the planet’s primary sphere of experience and communication.

The Earth does not perceive the physical plane in the same “direct” way as we do. But also our perception of the physical plane is, when everything is taken into consideration, by nature only indirect , since all our experiences, whether or not they are transmitted by our physical senses, are reactions of consciousness.

There is another piece of information that Martinus gives, which perhaps can supplement the picture, and that is that he considers that many terrestial human beings are still only “latent braincells” for the earth being. In the article “What is the meaning of Happy New Year wishes?” he writes that these “latent braincells” are those that are still living a predominantly vegetative and passive life governed by instinct. They are not yet awakened as “braincells”, but they will be! Quote:

“We are witnessing areas in the Earth’s physical day consciousness that are as yet latent or undeveloped, which they will naturally not remain, since both the Earth as well as humankind are under development.” (7)

This can possibly be compared with the fact that a large part of our brain capacity also is as yet latent or unused, as has been shown by brain research. In other words there is a potential for our future cosmic consciousness, since Nature does not create anything superfluous or unnecessary.

Consequently, one cannot equate the mentality of the Earth with the average mentality of humankind today. The planet is, from this perspective, slightly “ahead” of the average terrestial human mentality of today, but it has still unfinished aspects that correspond to these as yet undeveloped “braincells”.

The tilt to the Earth’s axis

A “psycho-somatic” effect, or rather a defect, of a more permanent nature in the earth being is of course the tilt to its axis, which is what brings about the highly contrasting seasons that we experience for example in these northern latitudes. You can read about the causes and effects of this tilt to the axis – as well as about the aforementioned spiritual “crisis” or “cleansing process” in the earth being’s consciousness – in Livets Bog III section 657-68.

Here Martinus describes this tilt to the axis as a kind of “disability” of the earth being, that, however, like all painful experiences, brings about an accelerated spiritual or mental development in the being involved. It is of course due to these strongly contrasting seasons or the severeness of the physical climate in our latitudes, that the “braincells” have been forced to make technical advancements in the form of housebuilding, artificial warmth, electricity, etc, to enable them to live here at all. If the Earth had not been subjected to this tilt, the physical circumstances would certainly have been more like “paradise”, in the form of a more pleasant physical climate, but seen from the mental aspect, both the earth being and its present “braincells” would then have been lesser or more undeveloped beings.

The powerful tremor on the second day of Christmas actually also brought about a small, but measurable, effect (2,5 cm) to the tilt of the Earth. Does this mean that the Earth’s tilt now has begun to “straighten” itself up and that more giant disasters are to be expected?

There will probably be more disasters to come, as they belong to the aforementioned “birthpangs”, but if we are to believe what Martinus has written in Livets Bog III, section 667, the possible “straightening” of the tilt to the Earth’s axis would take place so slowly and gradually that it would not mean that its microlife would be subjected to any global disasters. But local disasters, in a way, do become global when they strike centres of global tourism, as we have seen recently.

A tidal wave of humaness

“The only thing we can hope for is that this earthquake and its effects will in due course change our minds, making them more planetary. This disaster has now been brought very close to home, even to those of us who have not received a message that someone that we know has been affected. In the midst of all the meaningless suffering, the chaos, we have also the tiny epicentre of global fellowship: We are been shaken together. Our minds touch each other across the oceans and continents.”

This was written by the author Göran Greider in his column in the newspaper Metro on 29 December 2004. But what he writes actually counteracts his own words “meaningless suffering”. If the disaster contributes to creating the consequences that he describes here, then it is not “meaningless suffering”. Can our minds become what Greider calls “more planetary” without more or less drastic experiences of suffering?

Or – to connect to something that also has to do with the “planetary consciousness” – would we have today a United Nations and many other forms of humane international cooperation without the experiences of suffering that the two worldwars have brought us.

This is naturally of poor consolation for those who are personally struck here and now. It does not make their “dead” rise from the depth of the sea or from their graves. But maybe it causes something else to rise from the depth of their souls. Questions like “why” and about “the meaning of life” more or less strongly make themselves known to all mourning survivors. Questions that also can be seen as prayers to Providence for an answer. And where there are questions there are also answers. Individuals are beginning to formulate questions from the depth of their needs and this is the sowing that has to take place to enable the answer, in due course, to be harvested.

We can also establish the fact that the tidalwave in South East Asia also released another wave: a wave of humaneness and a wish to help. Never before have people in so many parts of the world given so much money to help those hit by disaster. Several charity organisations brought in so much money that they found it necessary to ask people not to give more money than they had already received. That has probably never happened before.

During the first two days after the disaster the Swedish people gave five times as much money as they usually give to, for instance, the Red Cross in a whole year. This one can also call a wave – a tidal wave of humaneness and incipient neighbourly love. This “wave” also deserves attention. It is this wave that leads us to the “promised land” of the future, where there no longer is a need for disasters and other experiences of suffering to bring humaneness out of the “closet”, but where humaneness and neighbourly love is the wave(length) we all “surf” on…



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Mother Earth

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

The threat of global warming with extreme weather conditions, nature catastrophes, hunger, pollution, epidemics  and water crises are a wakeup call for global awareness, that now – maybe for the first time in history – concern all mankind on earth! In spite of obvious changes in climate, the established scientific society is still in conflict about cause and effect!

How can the perspective of karma bring light to this issue? Well, two important cosmic principles might help us out:

The principle of life units and the principle of perspective.

In a living universe everything is alive – living beings within living beings – and so it’s obvious that planet earth is alive too! And if it wasn’t for man -she would be a perfect organism in ecologic balance! Man -being the braincells in her organism – is apparently going nuts, destroying his own host!  And now we fear, that this stupidity might indeed end up with a total catastrophe -that the microcosm of mankind can kill the macrocosm of mother earth, and so even itself!

How is karma working in this area? What kind of teaching are we facing in near future, as this escalates further?

Well, from the basics, that there is no such thing as injustice, we are looking for logic, even in cathastrophies like Tsunamis, earthquakes, vulcanic eruptions and hurricanes.

Let’s define some new concepts to understand this on a deeper level:

  1. Collective Karma.
  2. Karma of principle
  3. Karma of perspective
  4. The meaning of suffering

1.  Great disasters are often seen as a proof of coincidence. It seems as if all different kind of people will be among victims in spite of religion, ethnic roots, education, status and so on. Even if the Tsunami strikes mostly at small fishermans villages round the cost, it even strikes among modern tourists along the luxury beach resorts and from a major earthquake in a big city, no one is safe! ….But then again, from the point of karma, everybody is just getting the best education, especially directed to him or her, served by a cosmic logistic process called collective karma! Imagine the spiritual activity in months or maybe years ahead, that prepare for such a karmic release! So in this perspective it is not coincidence, who will be on the beach that moment, when the wave roll in!

Lots of personal stories can confirm some of this activity when people get a hunch or a precognition to skip that vacation, or fall ill, or come too late for the flight or getting stopped by other obstacles – if their spiritual need does not fit that special karmic lesson.  But even for those who do get hit – it’s still the best and most loving lesson for the spirit to get exactly that experience of effect -originally created by it’s own ignorance in lifetimes long ago!

2.  But what exactly are we learning? Do we really need that amount of destructive power to evolve on this civilized state of mankind? Well, we need to look deeper in the cosmic structure, to find logic in this! What are the analysis of disasters and accidents? It’s all about violence and death without hate or revenge! So are there anywhere in civilized modern life, where we are blind to such a behavior in our selves?

Yes, sadly there are! The animal kingdom is full of innocent victims of our hands! Modern man take it for granted to have the right to kill his younger brothers and sisters – animals – to eat and clothe, without the slightest ideas of the karmic energy he creates every day by this. And as in the disasters and accidents, there are no hatred involved. We don’t hate the animal we slaughter, as the Tsunami don’t hate us when it strikes! This is how karma is matched by principle!

All this killing and induced suffering through thousands of years is piling up for such collective outburst of disastrous karma, with the only purpose to help us understand, on our own bodies, what suffering is all about. Only through this hard way, will our compassion grow to that extend, that we will be unable to eat meat or fish ever again!

In the cosmic perspective, we have lot’s of time -lot’s of lifetimes! Man is a slow learner, so we might need to die many times, before the lesson is fully learned! And remember, this is no judgement or casting of guilt, because we have all walked the same road!

3.  From our perspective it’s hard to understand why mother nature strikes so hard on us. Even if we are not taking so good care of the planet, the power of nature is far beyond our control, when it shows it’s full power in disasters and catastrophes! How can we ever have earned that amount of destruction?

Well, this is all about perspective. In comparison to a planet, we are small -like cells in mother earth. But in another view, we are a planet ourselves, inhabited by small beings -our own tissue-cells! We are fooled by the principle of perspective, to believe, that we are more important, than our own cells -our micro life. But do a braincell in our brain think that it is small and unimportant? And what kind of nature catastrophe do we in fact strike against these small inhabitants, indulging in unhealthy living and destructive illness of our bodies? Again, we do not hate our braincells when we drown them in alcoholic tsunamis, or kill them in volcanic inflammation and fever, or break our organs in cancerous or traumatic earthquakes! It’s just ignorance – we don’t know what we are doing! Until karma help us to open our eyes, mirroring back from macrocosm, what we ourselves serve to our microcosm – “so in the big – so in the small”!

4.  The meaning of suffering is one of the great riddles of life. How can a all-loving, all-seeing, all-mighty GOD impose so much suffering to his own creation? The only logical answer is, that even suffering is part of GOD’s love! So by the justice of  karma, we can begin to understand the real wonders of the teaching of life. How pain and suffering from our own ignorant hands are returned with cosmic precision to teach us awareness and compassion and so refine our behavior and our mind and heart away from the unconsciousness of the zone of killing for living!

For a cosmic mind, these principles above is reality, even in everyday life, ruling every act and every step ahead! The only concern is then how to help and comfort all living beings, including the animals and mother earth, and to create a new lifestyle that will give life instead of take lives! A healthy, humanitarian, ecological,  vegetarian lifestyle is a natural solution – and this only thanks to the personal karmic lesson of accidents and disasters, that we created for our own evolution through the law of cause and effect, through many, many lifetimes!

The good news is, that this perspective gives us back the key in our hands! We might not hear the calling to be an environmental activist or a green politician, but we don’t need to be passive and helpless!

We are the master of our own universe within and can save the planet of our own organism to begin with, and thus save millions of lives from those microcosmic disasters and create positive karma for our own future lifetimes on earth.The cosmic logistics will adapt to this new karmic situation and slowly create a wonderful environment with harmony and beauty for us to enjoy, as our own inner world is healing and our microbeings are rejoicing in total organic harmony within!