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Past life therapy

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Reincarnation research is very difficult, because it’s very hard to verify. The best job done in that area is probably that of Ian Stevenson, investigating the testimony of young children, telling about past life memories, in such an early age, that we can rule out social contamination of evidence! Stevenson focused on those countries, where reincarnation is normally accepted by tradition, because parents here are more likely to accept the child’s behavior, and hear them out. Western parents would easily judge the kids stories as pure fantasy, and the child would soon learn to shut it’s mouth!

By visiting a child with past life memories, Stevenson would write down all details and even take the child to the place he claim to have lived in a former life. Often the child spontaneous recognize old family, from that lifetime , and can find his way in the old home, even finding secret hidden toys, once placed there in a safe place, that no one would no but himself! In all those over 3000 cases, Stevenson have been investigating, there should be proof enough, but most scientists are still reluctant to call it coincidence or hoax! Here is an interview and an example: .

Strange enough, Stevenson claims, that he found no evidence of karma in his research. The nature of major karmic waves are obviously more prone to jump several lifetimes before impact, so investigating two incarnations in a row – like Stevenson does – is not sufficient to show the karmic pattern. We need another method to get the whole picture, it seems!

Past life therapy consists of several techniques to recall memories of past lives, among which hypnosis or regression are the most used! Sadly these methods are not waterproof, as human mind is easily influenced by wishful thinking, fantasy, association of experience from the present lifetime as television, reading and media and even conscious or unconscious constructions to please the hypnotist or the therapist! And as we open our mind for parapsychology, many other new explanations ads up as the possibility to read another persons mind -telepathy, to read the future – precognition, to read objects – or to read the Akasha chronicle – the memory of mother earth herself, who hold all memories of all who ever lived on the planet!

But to realize that it’s difficult, is not the same as impossible! As in all complex methods, we just need to be more cautious and find a way to make a better evaluation of what is realistic, and what is not! Let’s make a list of signs and qualities, that can help us find the gold in the soil!

  • The emotional content in a memory springs from true experience. The details in the memory might be questioned, but the emotional response is real, and can be examined deeper!
  • XENOGLOSY – the ability to talk and understand another language, during regression, that the subject don’t know in normal life. Sometimes there might even be old dialects, long forgotten, that nobody know how to pronounce anymore!
  • Consequence in architecture, clothing fashion, and other smaller details from everyday life, that the subject have no knowledge about in present life.
  • Geographic markings like names of cities, villages, or other places, that can be confirmed by research!
  • Historical events, climate catastrophes, plaques and crises that can be traced in research!
  • The logic of a life. A true past life recollection has the same quality as real life, a fascinating coherent story, with all the sidetracks, details and variations that we know from our own life. A fantasy, a daydream or a hoax construction is more fragmentary and paradox. Even if real life can show many surprises and sudden turns, it always end up as a logic whole – especially in the perspective of several lifetimes.
  • The lack of famous personality is always a good indication of a true story. All the reincarnations of Jesus, Napoleon and Cleopatra is more frequent in the corridors of mental hospitals!
  • Causality of phobia and illness. To experience past life trauma, that can explain anxiety, phobia, aversion or sympathies, or physical ailment, handicap or weakness not explainable in the present life, wonderfully confirms the logic of cause and effect through karma and reincarnation!
  • Evidence of habitual behavior! Many lifetimes of aristocracy will tend to give you a personality with a flair for luxury and lack of workers stamina and endurance, as will farmers life give you physical strength and a natural joy and skill to use your body in hard labor!
  • Physical constitution and birthmarks will indicate your former lifestyle and death wounds. Many tribes of american Indians would examine the body of a new born child, to look after a birth mark, that would match the death wound of a diseased chief, as a sign to confirm the reincarnation.

Other advice to valuate a past life experience can be found in the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reincarnation .

An example of Past life Therapy experience:

A woman in her forties is very unhappy, telling her therapist about an event, she can’t understand! The week before she suddenly hit her son, who walked down the staircase in there house, – hit him in the face without any reason or warning! She wanted help to investigate this strange act of violence!

The therapist used a method of regression, that utilize emotional trigger. By concentrating on the bodily sensation of rage,that she felt in the moment of the act, a spontaneous bridge to the origin is created, a tunnel back in time to the traumatic incident, that is still alive in her body, causing the strange aversion towards her own son.

She was immediately taken back in history to ancient Rome – at least this was her description. She saw herself, as a young Romain beauty on her way to the building of a bath facility. She vividly described the marble construction with a big staircase entrance bordered by columns in classic roman style. On her way up the stairs, she suddenly halted, seeing a young handsome nobleman coming smiling down towards her, from the top of the stairs! She got scared, took a step back, stumbled on the stairs and fell backwards, banging her head on the edge so unhappily, that she died!

With the help of the therapist, she was guided back in that same life, to investigate the story, and a romantic encounter took form! She saw herself as a peasant girl of seldom beauty, going to town to sell the family crops on the market. Her description of houses, clothing and atmosphere was full of detail and convincing in it’s consequence fitting clearly with historic facts from the roman empire. One day a young charming nobleman came riding in to the market on his wagon, fine dressed in leather armor and leather sandals, classically bound up his strong calves! Seeing the beautifull girl he made contact, slowly winning her with his charm and status!

Love between classes being impossible, they met in secrecy, and during regression, a wonderfull romantic story unfolds, more intimate and astonishing, than the best Hollywood movie! The favorit spot of rendevous, seemed to be the roman bath, swimming and making love in the water in the moonlight. The therapist role is here to put questions to help focussing on details in the scene, like forrinstance, the cealing construction of marble balks, with open air squares in between, through which the lovers could see the full moon!

As the secret love affair went on, the rich nobleman installed his love in a house in town, where they could meet and enjoy each other! After some time the girl got pregnant and came down with a child. The young father lost his interest in the girl, and moved on to other innocent beauties, as was common for his kind at that time!

Years went by, when the young mother had to raise her child alone, feeling abandoned and alone and finally bitter! On day she was going to the bath, and the incident on the staircase happened to end her life so suddenly and dramatic!

The woman in her present life, recognized her son as the nobleman in the ancient life, and the therapist could guide her through the process of forgiveness, that is the essence of the healing part of past life therapy! Often more investigation is needed, fully to understand the life and background of the opponent in a regression. In this case, to understand how this young man was brought up and what kind of  social rules and normalities you could expect from that! It is important not to judge past behavior with modern eyes and ethics, but to get a deep understanding of  cultural conduct and ethics in the local time frame. To role reverse and put yourself in the shoes of the other, is a wonderful method that can start a fruitful process of forgiveness!

This woman could easily understand this, and even bring forgiveness back into the house, by telling her son about the experience. He was open and positive to the phenomena, and they had a good and deep healing talk about it all!

It’s unique though, to actually tell about such an experience to the persons involved in the regression scene, and it’s not necessary for the healing purpose. Forgiveness is what takes part in your heart, and is not dependent on the receiver! Often the object of forgiveness has passed away already, but the therapy works anyhow!

It’s typical for past life therapy, that the first stop of regression is in a life as a victim! The emotional bridge often points to dramatic trauma from death experience, imposed by violence or abuse. This can explain mystical phobias, fears and anxiety from this lifetime, but it’s still a karmic effect of an earlier cause, so to heal the person totally, we need to go deeper! Further regression will reveal the chain of lifetimes that let to this effect, and somewhere, way back in time, we will find the long suppressed memory of us as the villain – the bad guy! This is much harder to get in touch with, and even much harder to forgive! It might take many sessions to get that deep in therapy, and great motivation from the client.  But as many roles from past lives might still be around in other roles in present life, the process of forgiveness can change and transform life in many unexpected ways! Apart from freedom from old chains and emotional burdens from unsolved past trauma,  it often heal physical symptoms and illness too.

In this kind of therapy, it’s not important to know what is real memories or what is fantasy or symbols. The emotional response is true, and the therapy works even on the symbolic level, as forinstance in Leuner’s symbol drama . Some clients though,  do have a richness in detail, that makes it convincing as real memories, and it happens that a client will use his or her holiday to visit places from a regression experience. It is told, that it is a very strong feeling to actually find your own tombstone on the same graveyard, where you under regression witnessed your own burial! Even if this is not a scientific proof to modern science, it’s proof enough for the client and the therapist!


Good Karma, Bad Karma

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Life is more and more complicated, as civilization evolves, so we all long for simplicity! In fiction we love to see a clear line between good and bad, and often the first few minutes of a Hollywood movie defines who is the villain an who is the hero! But in the cosmic perspective, it’s not that simple – as a matter of fact, the happy ending of the movie, where the hero kills the bad guy, is just the beginning. For the cosmic eye, the perspective of reincarnation and karma, makes it clear, that the karmic tie between two living beings, will demand interaction until the very point of forgiveness and reconciliation, will relieve and neutralize  the karmic wave of divine teaching. This might take several lifetimes of encounters in different roles and shapes, as the drama class of the master teacher himself!

The encounter of two persons has it’s own karmic pattern, often beginning with a confrontation. From beginning of time, all strangers where potential enemies, a rival of territory, mating battles and power struggles! This was due to survival instincts and still a living part of our organic animal side! Action movies and thrillers, illustrate these hormone reflexes very vividly, and it’s so nice, just to be swept away by this convincing bias of clear cut Good and Bad sympathies from the TV couch, indulging in the simplicity of a fight for a just case, using whatever force and weapon is necessary to accomplish the mission! For a minute, we are in a karma free zone, like a bubble in time, a perfect illusion of order -kill the murderer, and all is good!

But as every bullet will return to the shooter, this illusive bubble will burst! The encounter will continue from life to life, roles will be reversed, identity shifted and circumstance mirrored back in the perfect setting, to return the exact same quality of energy, we once imposed on the other! For each impact of the karmic wave pattern, suffering will evolve our  capacity of compassion and empathy, and at the same time transform the karmic relationship very slowly, from enemy, to opponent, to preferred and most worthy opponent, to  most respected opponent, to respected allied, to friend, to best friend, to lover, to sisters and brothers, to children……and through many lifetimes all conflicts and antipathies will be resolved, forgiven, outlived and transformed to that point, where the relation is totally relaxed and neutral again….and it will be time for paths to part, to give free all mutual obligations! This is the final graduation of the divine college of relationship study, and in the cosmic view – we will all pass!

So what is Good and what is Bad in this broadened perspective? Yes, very simple – all is Good! What we call Bad or evil, is only lack of knowledge! Martinus calls it “the unpleasant Good”! It might be hard, it might hurt; but it’s the most loving and adequate lesson we need to get on back on track! It’s the perfect mirror of life, and to look for old sides of our self in the eyes of our opponent, and to consciously take steps towards forgiveness and tolerance towards those who confront us, those who harm us, those who dislikes us or those we dislike, is the strongest form of spiritual practice we could ever imagine!

And as everything begins in the mind, the strongest form of meditation is to take five minutes each day to think positive on these individuals! Just relax, imagine the person in front of you seen from his or her best human side, imagine the person genuine happy and joyful and when you are ready, imagine the two of you embracing each other in forgiveness and friendship! Give it time, be tolerant to yourself! Forgiveness is a process that can take time – sometimes many lifetimes, so every small step is a huge victory, and finally you will succeed, and experience the transformation of  relations on all levels, until you have no more enemies left – just a world full of dear friends, brothers and sisters of all races, species and steps of evolution.

This perspective do not make us passive spectators to the suffering of our fellow beings, just excusing our indifference with the claim: “That’s his or hers karma”! In the contrary, cosmic empathy will make it impossible to stand passive! The pain of our brothers and sisters is a pain in our own organism, and real brotherly love will force us to act and engage in any helping activity possible! This natural act of humanity and compassion is at the same time Good Karma for those victims of “Bad” or unpleasant  Karma, and will – in our own fate, create bright waves of future Good Karma to return, when we are in need ourselves!

So life is not black or white, theres is no Good and Bad, but only the cosmic principle of contrast, necessary for the experience of life itself ! By this rule, life comes in all shades, conducted by the law of  reincarnation and karma, to carry us further on the eternal path of spiritual evolution. And when times are dark, in times of crises; often the light is equally brighter! Shining waves of help and support, comfort, protection, healing and relief, will find it’s way and lighten up the shadows and bring hope and peace to a troubled mind!

For each major crises on earth, thousands of victims will wonder and ask: “Why me!” Old paradigms and dogmas will fall, failing to explain this crucial question, and the search for a higher purpose and justice is born…… and for a modern, logic mind – karma is the only plausible answer!  Like a candle in the dark, divine logic and love, will show us the cosmic justice of karma and reincarnation. It will not justify or inspire acts of violence and crime, but it will explain the mission of pain and suffering in this part of human evolution on earth!  And it will make it obvious, that the path ahead is that of brotherly love, forgiveness and compassion, and make us understand clearly, that we all have the key of a better and more joyful life,  in our own hands!