Hello, I’m Hermes – the messenger!

My identity in this lifetime is not important, but my message is!

The state of spiritual development of planet Earth i about to take a big step forward in consciousness, and to prepare for this, human mankind need to open up for a new cosmic knowledge based on a modern concept of reincarnation and karma!

The sanskrit meaning of the word “karma” is “act” – and the effect of this action is what we call destiny.  What rules this function is known as the law of “cause and effect”. This is pure logic as expressed in the quote: ” As you saw -you shall reap!” – so it should be simple to understand, but as usual is interpreted in a million ways through history of mankind. Every religion or philosophy has used the concept to suite that special beliefsystem, but often ending up with a version further apart from the deepest core of cosmic thruth, hidden in the original source.

This blog is a contribution to connect to this core in a modern way, liberated from old dogma and ritual.

In karmablog, we will allow the more common use of the word “karma” to include both cause and effect, and not just the cause – the act, even if karma, as the cause – and destiny, as the effect, would be more correct!

To define the framework of this modern approach, we need to describe a few simple statements or guidelines to guarantee the purity of the message:

  • All life is eternal, and show it’s expression on earth in physical lifeforms, slowly evolving in consciousness and humanity through the principle of reincarnation.
  • The modern concept of reincarnation is always progressive -a spiritual growth through many lifetimes, where every act and experience is a forward motion towards higher states of being -there is no going backwards!
  • All is very good -the universe is friendly. What we call God, is a universal intelligens expressed in pure love for all living beings in an infinite living cosmos.
  • In this cosmos there is an order of cosmic principles or laws to prevent kaos. Among these laws are the law of cause and effect -the law of karma!
  • So karma is not a punishment from a revenging God -but simply the best teaching of life, through the logic of cause and effect!
  • All energy goes in circles and return to it’s origin. So nobody reaps anything, that he has not created himself in the first place. Life is 100% just! Injustice is only apparent in the local time limit such as one lifetime. To understand this cosmic justice, we need to broaden perspective to overview cause and effect through many lifetimes. Karma is totally invalid in a one-life paradigm!
  • There is no escape from life or from spiritual evolution. We all have to join the path and follow those who went before and lead those who follow. Karma is love -you can’t tric it! There is no method or rite to avoid your karma, but there are immunity through growth of your love capacity -the level of humanity within. Karma is cosmic teaching -not a punishment, and so you are immune the instance you have learned your lesson!
  • The fastest way to liberate yourself from the unpleasant karma, is to practice brotherly love and forgiveness and thus consciously take part of the teachings of karma. Only when your ethics and your level of humanity is totally preventing you from acts of violence and abuse – will the equivalent karmatic suffering be neutralized. This is not an act of will, but solely a consequence of your natural spiritual evolution!

This modern concept of reincarnation and karma is based on logic as introduced to mankind through the cosmic consciousnes of Martinus. This is no religion or dogma, but a spiritual science -a modern cosmology given free for all to share with no obligation whatever! Take what you please of this and leave the rest!

This source of knowledge is among the purest on earth at the present, and connects in it’s core to the legends and tradition of ancient wisdom. The new thing about it is freedom from dogmatic strings, being presented through logic, that can be questioned and analysed. So it is liberated from blind faith or mass suggestion -being just pure cosmic wisdom, free for anyone to study -no strings attached! The symbols of Martinus are explained here!