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Anybody out there?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

It’s an exciting time we are living in. Astronomy is now turning to the study of exoplanets in search of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, and slowly the common view is changed….that the probability of suitable inhabital planets is much bigger than science ever thought! At the same time the UFO movements have organized in new forms, claiming that the ET’s are already here, mingling with us, creating crop circles and helping us evolve humanity and protecting the earth from extinction!

In the concept of exopolitics , members are convinced that the world governments have done cover up, to hide all evidence of Extra Terrestrial contact during the years, to keep the people ignorant, much to keep alien advanced technology secret for military purpose! On the same web page, you can watch videos of  exo-researchers talking about ET’s and Celestials on earth, both in history and in present! Here are some lectures from the Hawaiian annual exo-conference!

It’s hard to know what to believe about these chocking evidence of our civilization being visited by alien species in early history,  who bread with earth women to boost evolution! This would make us all part alien! Is there some wisdom from the cosmology of Martinus to get a clear perspective on this?

Yes, in the bright light of the eternal spiritual evolution through reincarnation and karma, this whole business gets much clearer! In the cosmic view, all species in the universe undergo the same evolution in princip, though the organisms differ in physical appearance! Even the animals we know from earth, will be humans, in their own race, as a matter of fact, we already have small humans called ants on board! If we open our eyes we find highly evolved social societies and religion ( worshipping the ant-queen ) among ants and termites, that would match primitive human life on earth. We are just triggered by perspective, to call them animals! And if it comes to numbers – this is the planet of ants, more than of humans!

So in our infinite universe, there are an infinite number of races, including macrobeings like the planet, the solar systems, the galaxies – all on the same path to become perfect human beings in their own scale!

Cosmic Paths of Evolution

This can shed some light over the questions about exo research!

First, we are all aliens no matter if they visited earth or not. The principle of reincarnation gives the simple answer to the question – if you can change body between lives, you can change planet! And looking at the increase of numbers of souls on earth, since dawn of civilization – where do all come from, if not from other planets? At some point in distant past, our eternal spirit originated from another planet – we are aliens!

This makes it less important to talk about “Star people”  – as if they only where very special, incarnating high spirits, with certain missions on earth, because we all in a way are star people, but with a broad variation in ethics spanning from devil to saint! From animal kingdom to high evolved humans!

In the exo-movement, they distinguish between “Extra Terrestrials”-  aliens bound to a specific home-planet, and “Celestials” – cosmic conscious beings, liberated from time and space, that from time to time incarnate on earth to guide and inspire important decisions ( like formulation of the declaration of freedom in US ) . This is similar to the concept of “The white brotherhood” , or archangels as described in spiritual history!

What is missed in the discussion in the exo-movement, is the scope of spiritual evolution! That we all are on our way to become “Celestials” ! Through reincarnation and karma, our spirit evolve ind humanity and love towards the great birth of cosmic consciousness, when we will transcent time and space, and thus become  “Celestials” ! And so this is not something specific alien or strange, this is natural and organic, and it is happening right here – but very, very slowly, through a path of thousands and millions of years!

The Principle of World Redemption

We know some of the celestials as great spiritual leaders, or world redeemers,  and some of them has a part in the evolution of earth. But apart from that, it’s crucial to understand that advanced beings from other worlds, are all under the law of  “The prime directive” , to use a Startreck concept! Simply, you don’t interfere in another worlds evolution, because life is a learning through cause and effect, trial and error, and to offer shortcuts as advanced technology and knowledge premature, would harm the whole – disturb the masterplan! A celestial, or a cosmic conscious being knows this, and keep out of the way if it’s not hes special mission to inspire progress in very small dosage, as a wise teacher, who let the children find out for them selves to gain real knowledge and to grow naturally!

Cosmos is a universe in order, with universal laws of nature, not only ruling physics and astronomy, but even biology and psychology down to every living beings personal life, through the law of reincarnation and karma! The reason why aliens haven’t already invaded earth, is due to a cosmic principle of protection, where advanced civilizations even mature in ethics ( in contrast to science fiction ) , and thus follow the rule of the prime directive!  Furthermore , interstellar spacetravell is not done på physical vessels in normal timeconsuming fasion, but is based on the principle of dematerialization and rematerialization. This skill is not a technical skill, but a spiritual skill, only available for cosmic conscious beings – or celestials, if you wish!

There might be exceptions of small numbers of less advanced visitors, who traveled for generations to come here, like the storys of  adoptions of the smal greys and the legend of the sumerian Annunaki. But the possibility of space  invasion or take over, by hostile aliens,  does not make sence in a cosmos so masterly balanced as ours! This would be why advanced civilizations might observe us, might help in small ways, but wait for the official contact, until we are ready! Just look at the world and the armed superpowers, the injustice, hunger, pollution, global warming…does it look like a world you want to join up with in an advanced peaceful interplanetarian fellowship? We have a lot of homework to do before we are worthy!

But then again, we are all aliens, ETs, Starpeople,…and some of us could even be “celestials” working under cover……



Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Science fiction is a popular genre and many movies and TV-series are thrilling peoples imagination of how alien life should look like! In the series called “Stargate”, the special force SG-1, is travelling to other planets through a portal -the Stargate -an ancient device that open “wormholes” to other worlds! Strange enough most planets in the galaxy is inhabitant by humans, even if there are some odd looking creatures showing up from time to time. It’s very convenient for Hollywood and the budget of the series, to get away with english speeking humanoid aliens, but funny enough, it’s actually not that far from cosmic fact. Let’s see what our cosmic perspective can tell us about life in space!

In the planetarium in Copenhagen theres is a calculator to estimate the probability of life in space by the famous Drake equation:

The Drake equation states that:

N = R^{\ast} \times f_p \times n_e \times f_{\ell} \times f_i \times f_c \times L \!


N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible;


R* = the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy
fp = the fraction of those stars that have planets
ne = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets
f = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point
fi = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life
fc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space
L = the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.[2]

In the bottom of this wall-calculator it shows results of different scientists like astronomers, biologists and so on, and they all end up with small numbers, like that of Drake himself:
Considerable disagreement on the values of most of these parameters exists, but the values used by Drake and his colleagues in 1961 were:

  • R* = 10/year (10 stars formed per year, on the average over the life of the galaxy)
  • fp = 0.5 (half of all stars formed will have planets)
  • ne = 2 (stars with planets will have 2 planets capable of supporting life)
  • fl = 1 (100% of these planets will develop life)
  • fi = 0.01 (1% of which will be intelligent life)
  • fc = 0.01 (1% of which will be able to communicate)
  • L = 10,000 years (which will last 10,000 years).

Drake’s values give N = 10 × 0.5 × 2 × 1 × 0.01 × 0.01 × 10,000 = 10.

So for a normal scientific estimation, from the paradigm of probability, we would expect to have only ten planets in the galaxy with intelligent life evolved.

But this paradigm is based on a dead science, the science of matter, where life is an exception to the rule. This is even supported by the founders of SETI -search of extraterrestial intelligens – that constantly scan the sky for radiosignals of intelligent life, so far without any luck!

So what is wrong with this kind of research? Well it’s just the paradigm, the result is only what you expect to see. If we use another paradigm, the paradigm of life science, it’s a total different view! If we use the principle of life-units, as defined by Martinus, we get a total different result. In this cosmic perspective, life is the rule, not the exception! The universe, and so the galaxy, is build of living creaturs within living creatures! This makes a huge difference to the outcome of Drakes equation.

This gives more like N= 10 x 0,5 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 50.000 = 500 000

So instead of 10 planets with intelligent life in the galaxy we get 500 000, assuming that the  conditions of planets capable of evolving biological life is the same, but that every planet with this kind of potential, in fact will – as a cosmic rule -at some point develop intelligent life and a technology that sends radio waves, and that kind of civilization will endure, not only 10 000 years but at least 50 000 years, after solving the same kind of crises that we fear here on earth will destruct the whole planet!

But if there are at least 500 000 planets in the galaxy with intelligent life and evolved technology, why don’t the SETI project  find more signals in the sky scan? Well, the same reason, I guess, that scientists starts with the assumption, that there are only 10 – a needle in the haystack, and so they are looking for a rare peak signal that raises over the background noise! But if the assumption was that there are as many as 500 000, they would look closer in the background noise. So maybe the scientists can’t see the wood because of all the trees! In the future we will discover new ways to interpret all the results from the SETI scan, and suddenly there will be life signs all over! Pure logic!

The same logic can explain more about, how Stargate fiction is close to cosmic reality. Instead of a stargate to jump between planets, we have the principle of reincarnation. If the spirit can change bodies, it can change planets! The fact that the earth population has increased from a few millions to 7 billion in about 50 000 years, indicate that we have a lot of visitors on this planet. In fact most of the inhabitants on earth are aliens or starpeople! This even indicates, that these space travelers are not monsters, but human beings like us -just like in Stargate!

In past life regression, we very often meet descriptions of nature and cities, that are just like normal -but a little different anyway. The client don’t recognize the area from earth, even if it reminds of certain landscapes with the same kind of vegetation and cities with houses and streets that look familiar, but not exact possible to identify. This indicates, that they might recollect memories from another planet!

In the cosmic view, even the planet is alive, and is part of a race or ethnic heritage, with similar organisms or bodies.  As we are not surprised, that humans round the world have two legs and two eyes, a liver and a heart, why should it be a surprise that evolved planets have the same organs and cells, and that the humans, being the braincells in the planet organism looks like braincells from other planets, just like our braincells are just like those of humans on other continents of the earth? And if citizens from old Rome, should incarnate on another planet among settlers who build a new city, would it be strange if  they call the new city “Rome”, and should it be strange if their language has similarities with latin?

Even if we have no conscious memories from past lives, we do carry lots of behavioral habits from many lifetimes! All our skills and talents are birth gifts in the next life, and so are bad habits and addictions, that we struggle to get rid off!

But why would alien advanced  cultures hide themselves from earth? Well, by the same cosmic logic, they know better! Opposite to the advanced aliens in the TV-series Stargate, the real world follow the signs of human evolution on all level. In Stargate the G’oulds and the Ori’s are technical advanced, but malicious in humanity. Even the “acsendent” individuals from these races, who gain magical powers and spiritual insight, can be evil, but in cosmic evolution it’s impossible. Spiritual initiation is a consequence of supreme humanity – so any ascendent being would be a master of brotherly love! In other words,  a civilization with an advanced technology capable to inter solar  space travel would be wise enough to know, not to interfere with earth evolution.  They might keep a watch out, and help in small ways, we don’t realize, but the official rendevouz have to wait until we learn by karma, not to kill each other on this planet of  thinking monkeys!

Maybe some of the monkeys though, have opend their eyes to see the subtle signs, being crop circles or UFO sightings or to see the massive information in the background noise readings in SETI projects, small signs that can affirm that there is something out there – or somebody, just like us!