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The Paradox of Karma

Friday, March 19th, 2010

The magic of karma is, that things often turns out different in the cosmic perspective. Society is full of behavior, opinion, convention and assumptions that is only kept alive of habit and lack of deeper awareness. This is what creates the irony of fate or the paradox of life – the paradox of karma! Let’s take a look on some examples:

The first shall be the last!

This old saying does have a deeper truth to it, in the cosmic perspective of karma and reincarnation. Modern society is still ruled by money, power and ambition, so “the first” would be the people of wealth and success, often due to power and the ability to make money grow without work. As explained in another bloggpost, moneykarma is often based on this kind of hidden stealth, so evidently the empire of this kind of wealth is build on hollow foundation, and will fall. The fate of this kind of karma will create poverty and misery for many lifetimes ahead, to fulfill the teachings of life and evolve empathy and awareness of all the misery and poverty the former lifestyle created, for all those victims, that suffered from being “the last”! All underpaid and exploited workers, who actually did the labour to create wealth for “the first”!

So in this way karma makes the first to be the last, and also the last to be the first, as no energy is in vain and all underpaid work are the seeds of personal future wealth and prosperity – this is solid ground for future joy and happiness!

As above – so below!

This ancient text from Hermes Trismegistus: “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing” – carries the truth of the principle of life units and the correspondence between micro- and macrocosm. The awareness of our organism, being a universe for billions of microbeings, expands, due to the law of karma, our responsibility, even to embrace microlife within . As size is only an illusion, any microlife is as important as our own, and as awareness grows, we will change our lifestyle accordingly to create health and harmony for all those tiny brothers and sisters within. This will evidently create health, not only in our body, but even in nature around us, as the body of macrocosm is linked to microcosm by this ancient law of karma – as above, so below!

The humble shall inherrige the world!

Even the New Age community tends to enhance self esteem and material progress as a measure of succes! In the context of therapy and encounter groups the emphasis is often to release blockage and inhibition to evolve a more outgoing personality with social or verbal skills. How does a humble person fit in here? How do we measure the quality of humanity in our fellow beings? How do we differ between a truly humble person and one who is blocked or inhibited by trauma?

In the future world kingdom of humanity, we will find means to make this differentiation better! This will be the time when we actually choose leaders from their human qualities and not their ambition. There will be no more need of expensive political campaigns, as the obvious leader makes no fuss of himself, but is acknowledged only by his ethics and talents of real human leadership! Such a person will appear honest and humble, but not without power and determination, when it calls for strong decisions and announcements. There will be no hesitation, when it comes to the core of human ethics as in the declaration of human rights and other standards of real human moral conduct.

The understanding of reincarnation and karma as the law of destiny, will on a larger scale change the earth. Politics and state government will transform into divine rulership, put in the hands of humble, but strong leaders! There will be no room for ego in the corridors of power any more, but only sincerity and true humbleness springing from the source of divine wisdom and grace. Finally the new global leaders are chosen from those who gained cosmic consciousness through natural spiritual evolution – cosmic beings with that deep unconditional love for all living beings, that organically creates wonderful, warm and healthy humble human beings!

The divine paradox

There is a smart shortcut to become a Guru and to sustain the guru status among your followers. Your just play ball with the divine paradox – the question of reality and illusion. From the divine reality, existence is just ” something that is” – the indescribable core of eternity -“life” or “God”. But creation transforms this into the illusion of matter and contrast, caught in time, to be availbable for physical senses. So we have two kinds of reality: The eternal, universal and the timely, local – two sides of the same coin as the very paradox of the living being, with the eternal core -the “I”, the creator, who by his creative faculty makes the illusion of matter -the local world of time and space. In the analysis of Martinus this is the trinity of the 3 X, the code of life, the secret of the living being as seen in the symbol. ( Click the symbol for a deeper explanation!)

The smart Guru, is not a real Guru – as the enlightened spiritual leader, who walked the path before would be – but only a hoax, who by the trick of illusion, makes the disciple feel stupid and inferior, by constantly playing ball with this paradox. The hoax rule is simple – when the question is local, answer with the universal and visa versa! Example: (local) What time is it? (Universal) Time is eternal! or (Universal) What is time? (Local) Half past 5! ….so the disciple constantly feel stupid and the status of the Guru being superior is maintained! Of coarse, there might be enlightened Gurus, who consciously use paradox to question the nature of existence, (as the Zen Koan paradoxes) but this should be in an open, honest dialog with the disciple, knowing that we are all equal. And of coarse, the karma of cheating creates destiny of being cheated and misguided in future lives, so every time we are dissapointed on leadership, we have an exellent chanse to refine our own honesty and leadership skills!

The paradox of God is naturally part of the divine paradox, as well. How can the all knowing, all loving God allow suffering in the world, if he even is allmighty with the power to avoid it? Not to mention the question why he created so much unhappiness and pain in the first place, as he would know it from the start! And can we call him allmighty, if we place a devil as responsable for all evil?

A modern concept of God, based on the justice of reincarnation and karma solve this paradox, with no use for either the devil or hell. From the outlook of God, there is no evil – only eternal laws of life, the ultimat perpetuom mobile to secure never ending life experience and life renewal through spiritual evolution. What we call evil or bad, is just a nessesary contrast to make the illusion real. Without shadow – no light, without yin – no yang, without pain – no joy!

And even in the darkest moment of horrow, there are sparks of lights to give hope an comfort! Guardian angles hear our praers and help to put someone in our way to ease the pain and give support and relief. This is the moment where we harvest “good karma”, as we once gave help and comfort to those in need, now is the time to get it back! So little by little we gain new faith in God, and better and better understanding in how the darkness of suffering can be part of an allmighty, all loving and all knowing God -the Universe as the ultimate living being!


Money karma

Monday, February 1st, 2010

The world economy is shaken by a major crises causing unemployment, poverty, hunger and despair for millions.  At the same time the  climate conference is almost breaking down, as the leaders of the world can’t make the equation balance between economically growth and a cut down on CO2 outlet!

We all know the risk at stake, but how can we stop expanding our needs in a market, where media constantly tells us to consume more? We know from biology that growth in a ecological closed system, as the earth, has a predictable curve, but we still go ahead blindfolded towards self made extinction!  Here is the growthcurve of microorganisms in a closed ecosystem:

In the so called “New Economy” , we leave it all up to the market and the prospect of  growth and consumption, hoping that the model of the western countries will solve everything, even if scientists and alternative economists tells us that the equation is impossible to balance with the present direction of development! Anyone who have visited the “undeveloped” countries can tell, that it’s simply impossible that every family in India, China, Indonesia, Africa and so forth own and use a car; and yet, this is precisely what everybody wants, inspired of western media through satellite broadcasting!

So, can we get any help from the perspective of karma and reincarnation? How can we balance the equation?

We need to go back to basis, to understand the cosmic fundamentals of economy. In the natural ecological setup, the universe is abundant and generous. Nature provides food and shelter to animal life, so it survives millions of years.

The difference in human conduct, is that we at a certain point think we can claim land as our own ! It’s the instinct of territory boosted by intelligens, that makes man want more than he needs, the same phenomena that changes simple trade of equal value for equal value into  modern buisness of highest value for lowest value. And the trade unit we call money, is a perfect disguise for this unjust transaction!

For the cosmic eye, mother earth is for all – we can’t claim land or the gifts of nature, so the only value to trade, is the capacity of work. Working hours is the future trade unit, Martinus tells us, and explains that as long as money have no sender adress on it, it will never balance!

But this is a “holy cow” – the tabu that seems to threaten the very existence of modern society! Modern economy is based on values that originate on everything else than work hours, in fact on money that grows without any working being done! All speculation in land, real estate, stock exchange, currency, and most of normal business trade and commerce, as well as the interest system in banking,  depends on money growing without work. A system that as a logic consequence exploits the poor world of simple workers -loosers, who have to do the production of all food and products, that the “winners” of the global game, need for daily living! In this perspective, modern economy is camouflaged stealth, a criminal act, legalized through power and convention.

But we don’t need to be bitter and revengeful by this, because we have all been there! Through reincarnation, we shift life conditions by cause and effect. After lives of wealth, comes poverty! And all energy goes in circles, so all work done by millions of underpaid workers will pay off in future lives of prosperity and economical security!

So who is the winner and who is the looser? The karma is the “act”  – the seeds we put in the soil, and our future destiny is the harvest. So let’s try to put the right seeds in the grown, let’s make “bad buisness”  – equal for equal – not more, not less! It all comes down to an hour for an hour, and nobody’s hour is worth more than anybody else’s hour.

The next 500 years on earth will be a huge quest towards this new natural economy of equal for equal, says Martinus, who beautifully describes the future international society of freedom and justice.  We can imagine what kind of crises on earth we need, before we can let go of the money system and the privileges of the ruling classes, but the comfort is, that it’s all part of the masterplan!

Man is a slow learner as habit and convention is a hard nut to crack, but the teachings of karma is learning by consequence where every dime and nickel we win or loose, is put there by our own hands! So every time we feel frustrated by the “injustice” of life, when we can’t pay the bill or do what we want, because of financial setback, we can focus on the satisfaction of taken a big step forward in the quest of economical freedom! And next time we are tempted to make “good business”  – when we are about to take an overprice for goods or work – we need to stop and be aware! This is the turning point of karma, this is where we plant the good seed, to grow and bloom into the most wonderful flower of  joy and natural abundance for every living being on earth to share!