Money karma

By hermes February 1st, 2010, under Karma

The world economy is shaken by a major crises causing unemployment, poverty, hunger and despair for millions.  At the same time the  climate conference is almost breaking down, as the leaders of the world can’t make the equation balance between economically growth and a cut down on CO2 outlet!

We all know the risk at stake, but how can we stop expanding our needs in a market, where media constantly tells us to consume more? We know from biology that growth in a ecological closed system, as the earth, has a predictable curve, but we still go ahead blindfolded towards self made extinction!  Here is the growthcurve of microorganisms in a closed ecosystem:

In the so called “New Economy” , we leave it all up to the market and the prospect of  growth and consumption, hoping that the model of the western countries will solve everything, even if scientists and alternative economists tells us that the equation is impossible to balance with the present direction of development! Anyone who have visited the “undeveloped” countries can tell, that it’s simply impossible that every family in India, China, Indonesia, Africa and so forth own and use a car; and yet, this is precisely what everybody wants, inspired of western media through satellite broadcasting!

So, can we get any help from the perspective of karma and reincarnation? How can we balance the equation?

We need to go back to basis, to understand the cosmic fundamentals of economy. In the natural ecological setup, the universe is abundant and generous. Nature provides food and shelter to animal life, so it survives millions of years.

The difference in human conduct, is that we at a certain point think we can claim land as our own ! It’s the instinct of territory boosted by intelligens, that makes man want more than he needs, the same phenomena that changes simple trade of equal value for equal value into  modern buisness of highest value for lowest value. And the trade unit we call money, is a perfect disguise for this unjust transaction!

For the cosmic eye, mother earth is for all – we can’t claim land or the gifts of nature, so the only value to trade, is the capacity of work. Working hours is the future trade unit, Martinus tells us, and explains that as long as money have no sender adress on it, it will never balance!

But this is a “holy cow” – the tabu that seems to threaten the very existence of modern society! Modern economy is based on values that originate on everything else than work hours, in fact on money that grows without any working being done! All speculation in land, real estate, stock exchange, currency, and most of normal business trade and commerce, as well as the interest system in banking,  depends on money growing without work. A system that as a logic consequence exploits the poor world of simple workers -loosers, who have to do the production of all food and products, that the “winners” of the global game, need for daily living! In this perspective, modern economy is camouflaged stealth, a criminal act, legalized through power and convention.

But we don’t need to be bitter and revengeful by this, because we have all been there! Through reincarnation, we shift life conditions by cause and effect. After lives of wealth, comes poverty! And all energy goes in circles, so all work done by millions of underpaid workers will pay off in future lives of prosperity and economical security!

So who is the winner and who is the looser? The karma is the “act”  – the seeds we put in the soil, and our future destiny is the harvest. So let’s try to put the right seeds in the grown, let’s make “bad buisness”  – equal for equal – not more, not less! It all comes down to an hour for an hour, and nobody’s hour is worth more than anybody else’s hour.

The next 500 years on earth will be a huge quest towards this new natural economy of equal for equal, says Martinus, who beautifully describes the future international society of freedom and justice.  We can imagine what kind of crises on earth we need, before we can let go of the money system and the privileges of the ruling classes, but the comfort is, that it’s all part of the masterplan!

Man is a slow learner as habit and convention is a hard nut to crack, but the teachings of karma is learning by consequence where every dime and nickel we win or loose, is put there by our own hands! So every time we feel frustrated by the “injustice” of life, when we can’t pay the bill or do what we want, because of financial setback, we can focus on the satisfaction of taken a big step forward in the quest of economical freedom! And next time we are tempted to make “good business”  – when we are about to take an overprice for goods or work – we need to stop and be aware! This is the turning point of karma, this is where we plant the good seed, to grow and bloom into the most wonderful flower of  joy and natural abundance for every living being on earth to share!


Between heaven and earth. “Birthpangs” of the Earth

By hermes January 31st, 2010, under Cosmology

This article was written by Olav 2005, after the Tsunami, but is even more needed now, after the recent earthquake in Haiti!

“Nations shall rise against nations, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginning of the sorrows.” * (Mark 13:8)

Through two of the most powerful earthquakes in modern times occuring within almost the same area outside Sumatra in the Indian Ocean in the course of only three months, this 2000-year-old prophesy has become a reality in a new and for many people maybe frightening way. Something which is symbolically underlined by the fact that these giant tremors both took place on the second day of Christmas (9,3 on the Richter scale) and on the second day of Easter (8,7 on the Richter scale) respectively. Christmas and Easter are of course the two greatest festivals celebrated to the memory of the words quoted above. Did this coincidence just happen by chance or is it maybe intended to be a reminder of the fact that the time that is now approaching on earth – and its purpose – was predicted already 2000 years ago from a certain vantage point of consciousness or mentality from where all the connections of terrestrial cause and effect could be overviewed and understood and therefore predicted?

One can think and believe whatever one wishes about this. But a fact that even those who only count on “hard facts”, ie. that which can be weighed and measured, cannot ignore is revealed by the following news item based on international research and statistics:

“The United Nations are now concerned about the fact that the world is hit by more frequent – and more costly – natural disasters. In 15 years the number of people who have been struck by storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and drought has tripled to 254 millions. The number of natural disasters has increased from 261 in 1990 to 337 last year.”

This news item appeared in a Swedish evening newspaper (Aftonbladet) on 21 September 2004, that is a few months before the first powerful earthquake in the Indian Ocean. And now, at the time when this is written – April 2005 – we more or less on a daily basis see and hear reports in our media about earthquakes, volcanic erputions, storms etc. in different corners of the world. At the time of writing, the latest in this succession of reports were two medium-sized (but compared to the Sumatra tremors, small) tremors that took place at the same time as large anti-Japanese demonstrations and attacks towards Japanese interests were carried out by agitated groups of people in the neighborouring country, China. That “nations shall rise against nations, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places” seems to be a prediction on its way to being fulfilled.

That these are incidents and upheavals that also affect a macrocosmic level is also made evident by the fact that the explosion in the Indian Ocean on the second day of Christmas, according to the NASA-researchers Benjamin Fong Chao and Richard Gross, was so powerful that the North Pole shifted two and a half centimetres and the 24-hour cycle was shortened by 2,68 microseconds and the flattened globe become slightly “slimmer around the waist”. The shortening of the day and night is so small that it cannot be measured. But the new position of the North Pole and the new shape of the globe could be measured with instruments on the earth or from satellites (1).

The large tremor on the 26th of December 2004 was one of the most powerful that has ever been measured and was at first classified as 9,0 on the new Richter scale. Later, more careful investigations have shown that the strength of the tremor actually was 9,3. On the logarythmic Richter scale this means a release of energy nearly three times the size, as compared to 9,0. Analyses of seismograms over a long period of time after the earthquake show that the tremor was the second largest since the invention of the seismometer a hundred years ago. Only the giant earthquake in the south of Chile in 1960, which also gave rise to a tsunami or giant tidal wave, was worse. It had a magnitude of 9,5 on the Richter scale (2).

The crises of the Earth = a cleansing process

What are we witnessing, from a cosmic point of view?

According to Martinus’ cosmic world picture the earth is of course a living being, within which we terrestial human beings, exist as microindividuals or “cells”, more specifically “braincells”. Natural disasters are in this perspective seen as reactions in a living being’s physical organism, reactions that can be characterised as “psycho-somatic” (physical reactions or disturbances that have psychic causes).

The fact that Christ in the above quotation calls these reactions “sorrows” (in swedish: “birthpangs”) is interesting since “birthpangs” are symptoms of the fact that something is about to be born. And Martinus also calls the process that is about to take place, both for the Earth as a living being and for us as its “braincells”, “the great birth”. It is a spiritual or cosmic birth that is preceeded by a psychic “cleansing process”. This psychic “cleansing process” brings about the increased frequency and intensity of “psycho-somatic” reactions in the Earth’s organism, a phenomena which we also can recognize from “cleansing processes” in our own psyche and organism. Martinus writes that “together all these phenomena constitute to the organism and mentality of the earth being’s I, nothing other than the aforementioned normal spiritual crisis that always has to take place in an individual’s mentality before it is totally posessed by “the Holy Spirit” and reaches “the great birth”. (3)

That which is to be “born” is nothing less than “a new heaven and a new earth”, as it is said in the Bible. This does not mean the physical end of the “old” Earth, but that the Earth is presently going through a psychic or spiritual process that at this stage of the process also results in “psycho-somatic” effects occuring with an increasing number and frequency.

Some time ago a writer on a Martinus internet forum formulated the following question which is perfectly justified in this context:

“Something which I cannot see the logic in is how a being who is on the point of receiving cosmic consciousness, must expose itself to such a devastating “cleansing” as when a large number of what corresponds to its braincells have to be cleansed out.”

This is a perfectly justified question, and the writer is certainly not alone in having put it. Of course the logic he refers to is not totally obvious. But first let me point out that this “cleansing” does not devastate the Earth, but is only a step in what Martinus in the above text calls “the normal spiritual crisis that always has to take place in an individual’s mentality, before it is totally posessed by “the Holy Spirit” or reaches “the great birth”. And to enable us to understand this better we must add some supplementary information that Martinus gives us in this context.

The Earth and its “braincells”

In an article entitled “The cosmic forces behind world redemption” Martinus writes, among other things, about what he calls “reflex impulses of the macrobeing” on our level of humankind, ie. reflex impulses of the Earth’s communication with its planet fellow beings. In this article Martinus points out how this has been expressed through what he calls “epochs of world redemption”. A total of four such epochs are described in the article. Epoch number four, where we are now, is conditioned by the Earth’s communication with highly developed planet fellow beings. About this present epoch he writes:

“Very powerful cosmic macroreflex impulses are penetrating humankind and have already brought about a great change in its mentality. As our macrobeing, the Earth is in the the initial stages of the experience of the great birth, it is not so strange that it is in the midst of a great mental activity and exchange of thoughts with its planet fellow beings in its own mesocosmos. These high exchanges of thought with like-minded planet beings constitute, to an especially high degree combinations of the basic energies of intelligence and feeling, which to a certain extent, because of the Earth’s double poledness, appear as intellectualized feeling, which in turn is the same as pure love.” (4)

Martinus also mentions here that it is this “macroreflex impulse” that, among other things, lies behind the unbelievably accelerating technical development on our planet in the last century. Of course we cannot directly perceive or measure the Earth being’s communication with these other planet beings. We can though, indirectly to a certain extent, undertake such a “measuring” or interpretation of this interplanetary and macrocosmic communication through the impulses that make up the foundation of, for example, religions and cultures that have been born and have flourished at different epochs in our history. Some of them can probably even be seen as “cosmic glimpses” in the consciousness of the earth individual. Since the Earth now stands on the threshold of the experience of “the great birth” it must already have experienced a number of such glimpses.

It is clear that there is a cause and effect connection between what we consider to be our outer physical world and the planet being’s inner world of thought and feeling. But, as Martinus writes in the same article, there is also an essential difference between the organism principle of the Earth and our own organism principle. I quote:

“Whereas the physical organism of terrestial humankind is intended to be a tool for purely physical activity, the planet being’s physical organism, that is the physical globe, is intended to be tool for lesser physical activity.”

There is therefore a difference or a variation in the possibilities and the limitations brought about by our different organism principles. Our organism principle is of course “mobile” on the physical plane, whereas the planets move continously in their fixed orbits. Orbits that, among other things, results in the planets not normally coming into close physical contact. (If they do come too close it results in disasters, as was the case when our planet was hit and it received its present tilt to its axis).

This means that the planets experience of mutual communication or “close contact” takes place on the thought plane (macrocosmic “telepathy”). Martinus writes in the same article that these macrocosmic exchanges of thought “create a large, active area of rays and waves surrounding the physical planet.” (6) This is an area that although invisible to us, is the planet’s primary sphere of experience and communication.

The Earth does not perceive the physical plane in the same “direct” way as we do. But also our perception of the physical plane is, when everything is taken into consideration, by nature only indirect , since all our experiences, whether or not they are transmitted by our physical senses, are reactions of consciousness.

There is another piece of information that Martinus gives, which perhaps can supplement the picture, and that is that he considers that many terrestial human beings are still only “latent braincells” for the earth being. In the article “What is the meaning of Happy New Year wishes?” he writes that these “latent braincells” are those that are still living a predominantly vegetative and passive life governed by instinct. They are not yet awakened as “braincells”, but they will be! Quote:

“We are witnessing areas in the Earth’s physical day consciousness that are as yet latent or undeveloped, which they will naturally not remain, since both the Earth as well as humankind are under development.” (7)

This can possibly be compared with the fact that a large part of our brain capacity also is as yet latent or unused, as has been shown by brain research. In other words there is a potential for our future cosmic consciousness, since Nature does not create anything superfluous or unnecessary.

Consequently, one cannot equate the mentality of the Earth with the average mentality of humankind today. The planet is, from this perspective, slightly “ahead” of the average terrestial human mentality of today, but it has still unfinished aspects that correspond to these as yet undeveloped “braincells”.

The tilt to the Earth’s axis

A “psycho-somatic” effect, or rather a defect, of a more permanent nature in the earth being is of course the tilt to its axis, which is what brings about the highly contrasting seasons that we experience for example in these northern latitudes. You can read about the causes and effects of this tilt to the axis – as well as about the aforementioned spiritual “crisis” or “cleansing process” in the earth being’s consciousness – in Livets Bog III section 657-68.

Here Martinus describes this tilt to the axis as a kind of “disability” of the earth being, that, however, like all painful experiences, brings about an accelerated spiritual or mental development in the being involved. It is of course due to these strongly contrasting seasons or the severeness of the physical climate in our latitudes, that the “braincells” have been forced to make technical advancements in the form of housebuilding, artificial warmth, electricity, etc, to enable them to live here at all. If the Earth had not been subjected to this tilt, the physical circumstances would certainly have been more like “paradise”, in the form of a more pleasant physical climate, but seen from the mental aspect, both the earth being and its present “braincells” would then have been lesser or more undeveloped beings.

The powerful tremor on the second day of Christmas actually also brought about a small, but measurable, effect (2,5 cm) to the tilt of the Earth. Does this mean that the Earth’s tilt now has begun to “straighten” itself up and that more giant disasters are to be expected?

There will probably be more disasters to come, as they belong to the aforementioned “birthpangs”, but if we are to believe what Martinus has written in Livets Bog III, section 667, the possible “straightening” of the tilt to the Earth’s axis would take place so slowly and gradually that it would not mean that its microlife would be subjected to any global disasters. But local disasters, in a way, do become global when they strike centres of global tourism, as we have seen recently.

A tidal wave of humaness

“The only thing we can hope for is that this earthquake and its effects will in due course change our minds, making them more planetary. This disaster has now been brought very close to home, even to those of us who have not received a message that someone that we know has been affected. In the midst of all the meaningless suffering, the chaos, we have also the tiny epicentre of global fellowship: We are been shaken together. Our minds touch each other across the oceans and continents.”

This was written by the author Göran Greider in his column in the newspaper Metro on 29 December 2004. But what he writes actually counteracts his own words “meaningless suffering”. If the disaster contributes to creating the consequences that he describes here, then it is not “meaningless suffering”. Can our minds become what Greider calls “more planetary” without more or less drastic experiences of suffering?

Or – to connect to something that also has to do with the “planetary consciousness” – would we have today a United Nations and many other forms of humane international cooperation without the experiences of suffering that the two worldwars have brought us.

This is naturally of poor consolation for those who are personally struck here and now. It does not make their “dead” rise from the depth of the sea or from their graves. But maybe it causes something else to rise from the depth of their souls. Questions like “why” and about “the meaning of life” more or less strongly make themselves known to all mourning survivors. Questions that also can be seen as prayers to Providence for an answer. And where there are questions there are also answers. Individuals are beginning to formulate questions from the depth of their needs and this is the sowing that has to take place to enable the answer, in due course, to be harvested.

We can also establish the fact that the tidalwave in South East Asia also released another wave: a wave of humaneness and a wish to help. Never before have people in so many parts of the world given so much money to help those hit by disaster. Several charity organisations brought in so much money that they found it necessary to ask people not to give more money than they had already received. That has probably never happened before.

During the first two days after the disaster the Swedish people gave five times as much money as they usually give to, for instance, the Red Cross in a whole year. This one can also call a wave – a tidal wave of humaneness and incipient neighbourly love. This “wave” also deserves attention. It is this wave that leads us to the “promised land” of the future, where there no longer is a need for disasters and other experiences of suffering to bring humaneness out of the “closet”, but where humaneness and neighbourly love is the wave(length) we all “surf” on…



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Musical genius

By hermes January 31st, 2010, under Music and Art

From time to time we get astonishing musical phenomena as Mozart, Listz or Beethoven, who did not only give their musical heritage to the world in their classical compositions, but even thrilled their own time as brilliant improvisers as musicians. In our own time we have wonders like Keith Jarret and recently Venezuelan pianist Gabriela Montero:

It’s amazing how she from a short theme, often sing by the audience, creates divine music of the moment, to lift and enchant the whole audience! And she have the experience herself, that it is a flow from within, that she can’t control by thought!

And here is a cute duet from two other masters Bobby Mc’Ferrin and Aziza Mustafa Zahed:

Aziza is even a brilliant jazz pianist:

…and of course, let’s not forget Keith:

The gift of musicality and even the gift of improvisation are skills that can not be explained fully by genetics only.  In the contrary, we got many examples on musical genius, that don’t get it from family; and for wonder kids like Mozart and Gabriela, it’s obvious that we need more than one life to evolve a talent like that!

And by just listening to these artists, you know directly in your heart, that this is much greater than just chromosomes and chance! How can these deep expressions of so many emotions and moods, be anything else, than lifetimes of practice and experience from both music and life it self? Great art like this, carry the whole world in it, and thus touches everybody deep in the heart!

In the cosmic perspective, the creation of a talent is a long process that goes through 3 states (according to Martinus) :

A)  Motivation – the first wish to aquire a new skill, often activated by inspiration of seeing one, who already is a master.

B)   Practice –  the long period of hard work, that is the threshold to prove the strength of motivation.

C)   Genius –  the final state of exellence, where the skill is automatic and can flow freely through the organism, to inspire the world!

So the skill of musical genius, is the final destiny or “good karma” of  hundred of lifetimes of hard work. Imagine if we could see all the steps to the ultimate goal! First as a total tone deaf , nonrhythmic person, ashamed and maybe bullied for this by both friends and enemies. Then after being saturated of this lack of talent, the growing interest in music and rythm – listening and watching to this new world of musicians and singers, finding inspiration and getting the ear acquainted to pitch and harmony. Slowly the inspiration of listening to others give more and more pleasure, and one day you begin to form music by singing or humming a tune. From year to year, life to life, you gain better and better control of your vocal cords, you join choirs, sing in church or other rituals and traditions, as the celebration songs at the village gatherings. In some life, you get an opportunity to try an instrument, and you might be forced to practice by harsh parents or teachers, or you might steal away to practice by you own will, if it is not allowed be these grown ups! In some lifetimes, singing or playing is a need to survive, like the slaves in the cotton fields or Zorba the Greek, who dances out his sorrow!

The more expression and depth of feeling and the more bliss of divinity in the musical talent, the longer the way to exellence! And all the echoes of all this suffering and hard work, touches us deep within, when we listen, and lift the soul! Great art moves in all areas of life, expresses all emotion through all dynamics and rhythms, because the inspiration has grown through so much personal experience of life, that anyone can connect! And when the artist, apart from the ultimate skill of technical brilliance on his or hers instrument, even has reached a certain point of human evolution, where the ego and personal ambition is transformed to generosity and a humble wish to serve mankind through music, the talent becomes a channel of divine inspiration from higher spiritual worlds, so the music of God can break through and lift the spirits of us all! Then it’s real inspiration creating classical masterpieces – timeless, eternal music – the music of cosmos!


Crop circles and astrology

By hermes January 26th, 2010, under Astrology, Research

The phenomena of crop circles in fields, mostly in England, but even in other countries, have become controversial and the discussion is torn between the believers of alien messages and UFO sightings at crop circle formation on one hand, and the skeptics and hoax theory on the other!

This is a little astrological study,  of some of the most presumable real circles,seen in South England, Wiltshire, during summer 2001. The study is concentrated on some with a triangel-theme, and some with a fractal-theme that can be interpreted as two series linked together through one of the circles. They are presented in order of date! Each astrological chart is made from time 00 UT (01 summers saving time), as we don’t know the exact moment of creation. This makes the position of MC and Ascendent unreliable, but we should be close to moon position and the planets positions are good . We are even formulating some associations according to ideas of the cosmology by Martinus.

Avebury 9/6

Symbolics: This is the introduction to the series, in other words – the first presentation, of the triangle theme. The crop circle can be associated with the analysis of a living being (triangle) , the principle of life units, the principle of circular movement and the principle of contrast. The symbol even looks like an eye – clear sight, intuition or “we are being watched!”

The most exact aspects are mars/uranus sextile ( impuls, pioneer science ) moon/jupiter qvincuns ( popularity, generous ) and moon/saturn 135 degrees (birth control, materialization of the unconscious, the past , karma )

Alton Barnes og Avebury 21/6

Symbolics: The upper circle shows the pyramid cultures, and associates to the cosmic world impulses and the star symbol of Martinus  (the sun and the beams ), to the analysis of the living being and of God.

The lower circle reminds of the principle of life units, the analysis of the living being, the principle of circular movement and still looks like an eye. These are crop circles created the same night, but on different fields. As we do not have the exact time of creation, both share the same astrological chart.

Here we got an exact conjunction between moon/mercury trine to uranus (communication of feelings, contact with the past, with something alien and unexpected) . We got pluto/venus qvinkuns (breakthrough of beauty, transformation of values ) .

Liddington 24/6

Symbolics: The living being, the principle of circular movement and the principle of contrast.

Moon/neptune opposition with sextile  and trine saturn ( control of psychic powers, idealism and conscience) . Mercury/mars opposition ( active contact )

Avebury 24/7

Symbolics: This transition symbol from triangle theme to fractal theme associate to the living being, and specially to planet earth as a living being (the circle in the middle) . The 9 small circles in the tails can be the 9 planets in the solar system (incl. earth ) or the principle of the combination of the fundamental energies with gaining and decreasing quantum, even if the numbers differ from the 6 fundamental energies of Martinus. The principle of circular movement and the principle of evolution is obvious. The spiral form can symbolize the spiral circle of spiritual evolution and so the principle of reincarnation.

Moon/mars square ( impuls, break through ) Sun/moon halfsquare ( synchrony, awareness, updating the past ) Mars/mercury qvinkuns ( active contact ) Sun/jupiter half sextile ( progress, abundance, happiness )

Alton Priors 5/8

Symbolics: Spiral circle, life units, combination of fundamental energies (here correct 6), evolution ,principle of circular movement, reincarnation.

Sun/mercury conjunction with trine and sextile to pluto/saturn in opposition (consciousness through suffering, life as a teacher , knowledge as power ), Moon/uranus conjunction ( sudden memory, brilliant awareness )

Alton Barnes 12/8

This is the queen of all crop circles and in size and complexity the ultimate prof.  It’s totally impossible to fake this with a rope and a plank during one night!

Symbolics: Is it coincidence that this perfect circle arrived on the 111 th anniversary of the birth of  Martinus ? Martinus is born 11/8, 1890,  12 o’clock in the night, when the watch fall from the wall and stopped! If this circle was created about  01  o’clock 12/8 , daylight saving time, it would be  24 o’clock,  11/8  with no daylight saving time,  and so exactly 111 years after Martinus came to earth. Apart from the spiral form illustrating the spiral circle, we even got 6 arms, as the 6 fundamental main energies and 6 small cirkles, outside each circle in a form reminding of the combination of the main energies. This gives us the principle of spiritual evolution.

It’s easy to associate with the main symbol of Martinus with the 6 kingdoms of evolution, the principle of reincarnation,  the Godhead in the middle and all sons of God at each step as identical with God. This is even an illustration of the whole universe as a living being where we all live and move and so it’s an illustration of cosmic consciousness. ( A deeper explanation of the symbol is available at Martinus Institute! )

Jupiter/neptune qvincuns ( spiritual expansion,successful  inspiration ), venus/pluto qvincuns ( artistic breakthrough, transformation of values ), mercury/uranus opposition ( alien contact, genius, impuls of communication), midpointsr: jupiter = sun/uranus = moon/mercury (The gift of  intuition through feeling/intelligens and cosmic powers ).

Draycot 14/8

Symbolics: 8-symbolics missing. Looks a little like the former, but not perfect. There are doubt about the autencity of this circle.

Moon/saturn conjunction, opposite pluto ( controlled power of impulse ) Sun/uranus opposition ( Intuition , life impuls ) Sun/mars trine ( life force, courage) Qvincuns as above!

Wherewell 19/8

Symbolics: This is obviously like a portrait of a human. If you squeeze your eyes a little, you get a child’s face with mild eyes. As the last picture in the series, you could see it as a signature , the sign of the sender, quite simple.

As a symbol it could say:  “the new born real human being , which is the next spiritual goal for mankind: Cosmic birth, where all living beings reach “cosmic consciousness”. A way to tell us, that the crop circles are human made, but not from humans on earth, rumbling about in cornfields with a string and a plank in the night; but by cosmic conscious humans from the spiritual level, who have control of the process of materialization, and thus can influence the physics of the straw in the fields, and create form of geometric and mathematical perfection with a cosmic symbolic content.

Cosmic conscious human beings, like Martinus, get there wisdom from the same divine source, and connects beautifully in symbol language, springing from that source. Martinus distinguish between  low- and high psychic powers, and it seems like the message from these crop circles from summer 2001 have the high psychic quality in harmony with the cosmology of Martinus , that for many evolved spiritual researchers, are among the highest wisdom, now available for humanity on earth.

Sun/moon conjunction , opposition of uranus ( cirkle ended, awareness, suddenly visible ) , venus/mars qvincuns ( two poled, love ) Jupiter/neptune/mercury Yod (“finger of God” , to spread spiritual science )

Astronomy: If we should be bold enough to go further to a more exciting interpretation, we could see the Yod constellation as an arrow, and maybe so simple as a direction to the senders home planet. The arrow points to neptune , that presumable are not inhabited, but if we look at the stars the same night, neptun is astronomically in the sign of capricorn ( astrologically in Aquarius -this due to the phenomena of precession,  that since old Greek origin of astrology, have transposed the zodiac aprox. 30 degrees) .In other words, we should look at the stars in the capricorn constellation, where the closest stars to the position of Neptun is Upsilon, with Omicron or Rho a little further away.

Maybe our young crop circle architect lives in the Upsilon solar system in the constellation of Capricorn! Let’s point the Hubble telescope that direction and take a closer look, or watch out for more astronimical hints from other crop circles or astrological signs pointing at the same location.

Conclusion from the astrological point of view,  you could try to find coherence through symbolics. It looks like mercury, uranus and jupiter are great significants in major aspects, and this tells us that the bringing of intuitive knowledge is essential in the crop circles. (With intuition in this context, we mean “clear sight! (symbolized by the eye symbols in the first circles ) that is defined by  Martinus as a spiritual  capacity of vision characteristic for the real human beings of cosmic consciousness ) .

That the moon builds aspects at each incident is an important indicator of synchronization. It connects to the past and the unconscious as well as to the people of mankind, on this level.  The sun indicates in this context awareness and God, even the divine impulses of creation and the principle of world redemption.

If we consider, that the circles are formed in the dark period of night ( kl 21-05 ) this is a third of the 24 hours. In this period moon is moving 4 degrees. Beginning with 01 o’clock this gives us an orb (margin ) of 2 degrees on each side, which is alright, considering the unknown exact timing . The choice of aspects is made from the standpoint of small orbs (not more than 2 degrees) , this to make the differences of the charts more obvious. Bigger orbs should create more repetition of aspects, and would not bring us new information. Aspects between the outer, slow planets are not mentioned as is neither the Ascendent or the MC, due to lack of exact timing. The same reason explains the lack of house system in the outprint.

All of this taken into consideration, gives the whole picture a very clear line of a cosmic message in harmony with the teachings of  Martinus and other high spiritual sources. We might even se this as a confirmation of this spiritual science, the affirmation of a living universe, a cosmos, with an infinite amount of living beings, some of them making humble signs in the fields, for those who have eyes to see………..



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Science fiction is a popular genre and many movies and TV-series are thrilling peoples imagination of how alien life should look like! In the series called “Stargate”, the special force SG-1, is travelling to other planets through a portal -the Stargate -an ancient device that open “wormholes” to other worlds! Strange enough most planets in the galaxy is inhabitant by humans, even if there are some odd looking creatures showing up from time to time. It’s very convenient for Hollywood and the budget of the series, to get away with english speeking humanoid aliens, but funny enough, it’s actually not that far from cosmic fact. Let’s see what our cosmic perspective can tell us about life in space!

In the planetarium in Copenhagen theres is a calculator to estimate the probability of life in space by the famous Drake equation:

The Drake equation states that:

N = R^{\ast} \times f_p \times n_e \times f_{\ell} \times f_i \times f_c \times L \!


N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible;


R* = the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy
fp = the fraction of those stars that have planets
ne = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets
f = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point
fi = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life
fc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space
L = the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.[2]

In the bottom of this wall-calculator it shows results of different scientists like astronomers, biologists and so on, and they all end up with small numbers, like that of Drake himself:
Considerable disagreement on the values of most of these parameters exists, but the values used by Drake and his colleagues in 1961 were:

  • R* = 10/year (10 stars formed per year, on the average over the life of the galaxy)
  • fp = 0.5 (half of all stars formed will have planets)
  • ne = 2 (stars with planets will have 2 planets capable of supporting life)
  • fl = 1 (100% of these planets will develop life)
  • fi = 0.01 (1% of which will be intelligent life)
  • fc = 0.01 (1% of which will be able to communicate)
  • L = 10,000 years (which will last 10,000 years).

Drake’s values give N = 10 × 0.5 × 2 × 1 × 0.01 × 0.01 × 10,000 = 10.

So for a normal scientific estimation, from the paradigm of probability, we would expect to have only ten planets in the galaxy with intelligent life evolved.

But this paradigm is based on a dead science, the science of matter, where life is an exception to the rule. This is even supported by the founders of SETI -search of extraterrestial intelligens – that constantly scan the sky for radiosignals of intelligent life, so far without any luck!

So what is wrong with this kind of research? Well it’s just the paradigm, the result is only what you expect to see. If we use another paradigm, the paradigm of life science, it’s a total different view! If we use the principle of life-units, as defined by Martinus, we get a total different result. In this cosmic perspective, life is the rule, not the exception! The universe, and so the galaxy, is build of living creaturs within living creatures! This makes a huge difference to the outcome of Drakes equation.

This gives more like N= 10 x 0,5 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 50.000 = 500 000

So instead of 10 planets with intelligent life in the galaxy we get 500 000, assuming that the  conditions of planets capable of evolving biological life is the same, but that every planet with this kind of potential, in fact will – as a cosmic rule -at some point develop intelligent life and a technology that sends radio waves, and that kind of civilization will endure, not only 10 000 years but at least 50 000 years, after solving the same kind of crises that we fear here on earth will destruct the whole planet!

But if there are at least 500 000 planets in the galaxy with intelligent life and evolved technology, why don’t the SETI project  find more signals in the sky scan? Well, the same reason, I guess, that scientists starts with the assumption, that there are only 10 – a needle in the haystack, and so they are looking for a rare peak signal that raises over the background noise! But if the assumption was that there are as many as 500 000, they would look closer in the background noise. So maybe the scientists can’t see the wood because of all the trees! In the future we will discover new ways to interpret all the results from the SETI scan, and suddenly there will be life signs all over! Pure logic!

The same logic can explain more about, how Stargate fiction is close to cosmic reality. Instead of a stargate to jump between planets, we have the principle of reincarnation. If the spirit can change bodies, it can change planets! The fact that the earth population has increased from a few millions to 7 billion in about 50 000 years, indicate that we have a lot of visitors on this planet. In fact most of the inhabitants on earth are aliens or starpeople! This even indicates, that these space travelers are not monsters, but human beings like us -just like in Stargate!

In past life regression, we very often meet descriptions of nature and cities, that are just like normal -but a little different anyway. The client don’t recognize the area from earth, even if it reminds of certain landscapes with the same kind of vegetation and cities with houses and streets that look familiar, but not exact possible to identify. This indicates, that they might recollect memories from another planet!

In the cosmic view, even the planet is alive, and is part of a race or ethnic heritage, with similar organisms or bodies.  As we are not surprised, that humans round the world have two legs and two eyes, a liver and a heart, why should it be a surprise that evolved planets have the same organs and cells, and that the humans, being the braincells in the planet organism looks like braincells from other planets, just like our braincells are just like those of humans on other continents of the earth? And if citizens from old Rome, should incarnate on another planet among settlers who build a new city, would it be strange if  they call the new city “Rome”, and should it be strange if their language has similarities with latin?

Even if we have no conscious memories from past lives, we do carry lots of behavioral habits from many lifetimes! All our skills and talents are birth gifts in the next life, and so are bad habits and addictions, that we struggle to get rid off!

But why would alien advanced  cultures hide themselves from earth? Well, by the same cosmic logic, they know better! Opposite to the advanced aliens in the TV-series Stargate, the real world follow the signs of human evolution on all level. In Stargate the G’oulds and the Ori’s are technical advanced, but malicious in humanity. Even the “acsendent” individuals from these races, who gain magical powers and spiritual insight, can be evil, but in cosmic evolution it’s impossible. Spiritual initiation is a consequence of supreme humanity – so any ascendent being would be a master of brotherly love! In other words,  a civilization with an advanced technology capable to inter solar  space travel would be wise enough to know, not to interfere with earth evolution.  They might keep a watch out, and help in small ways, we don’t realize, but the official rendevouz have to wait until we learn by karma, not to kill each other on this planet of  thinking monkeys!

Maybe some of the monkeys though, have opend their eyes to see the subtle signs, being crop circles or UFO sightings or to see the massive information in the background noise readings in SETI projects, small signs that can affirm that there is something out there – or somebody, just like us!


Past life therapy

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Reincarnation research is very difficult, because it’s very hard to verify. The best job done in that area is probably that of Ian Stevenson, investigating the testimony of young children, telling about past life memories, in such an early age, that we can rule out social contamination of evidence! Stevenson focused on those countries, where reincarnation is normally accepted by tradition, because parents here are more likely to accept the child’s behavior, and hear them out. Western parents would easily judge the kids stories as pure fantasy, and the child would soon learn to shut it’s mouth!

By visiting a child with past life memories, Stevenson would write down all details and even take the child to the place he claim to have lived in a former life. Often the child spontaneous recognize old family, from that lifetime , and can find his way in the old home, even finding secret hidden toys, once placed there in a safe place, that no one would no but himself! In all those over 3000 cases, Stevenson have been investigating, there should be proof enough, but most scientists are still reluctant to call it coincidence or hoax! Here is an interview and an example: .

Strange enough, Stevenson claims, that he found no evidence of karma in his research. The nature of major karmic waves are obviously more prone to jump several lifetimes before impact, so investigating two incarnations in a row – like Stevenson does – is not sufficient to show the karmic pattern. We need another method to get the whole picture, it seems!

Past life therapy consists of several techniques to recall memories of past lives, among which hypnosis or regression are the most used! Sadly these methods are not waterproof, as human mind is easily influenced by wishful thinking, fantasy, association of experience from the present lifetime as television, reading and media and even conscious or unconscious constructions to please the hypnotist or the therapist! And as we open our mind for parapsychology, many other new explanations ads up as the possibility to read another persons mind -telepathy, to read the future – precognition, to read objects – or to read the Akasha chronicle – the memory of mother earth herself, who hold all memories of all who ever lived on the planet!

But to realize that it’s difficult, is not the same as impossible! As in all complex methods, we just need to be more cautious and find a way to make a better evaluation of what is realistic, and what is not! Let’s make a list of signs and qualities, that can help us find the gold in the soil!

  • The emotional content in a memory springs from true experience. The details in the memory might be questioned, but the emotional response is real, and can be examined deeper!
  • XENOGLOSY – the ability to talk and understand another language, during regression, that the subject don’t know in normal life. Sometimes there might even be old dialects, long forgotten, that nobody know how to pronounce anymore!
  • Consequence in architecture, clothing fashion, and other smaller details from everyday life, that the subject have no knowledge about in present life.
  • Geographic markings like names of cities, villages, or other places, that can be confirmed by research!
  • Historical events, climate catastrophes, plaques and crises that can be traced in research!
  • The logic of a life. A true past life recollection has the same quality as real life, a fascinating coherent story, with all the sidetracks, details and variations that we know from our own life. A fantasy, a daydream or a hoax construction is more fragmentary and paradox. Even if real life can show many surprises and sudden turns, it always end up as a logic whole – especially in the perspective of several lifetimes.
  • The lack of famous personality is always a good indication of a true story. All the reincarnations of Jesus, Napoleon and Cleopatra is more frequent in the corridors of mental hospitals!
  • Causality of phobia and illness. To experience past life trauma, that can explain anxiety, phobia, aversion or sympathies, or physical ailment, handicap or weakness not explainable in the present life, wonderfully confirms the logic of cause and effect through karma and reincarnation!
  • Evidence of habitual behavior! Many lifetimes of aristocracy will tend to give you a personality with a flair for luxury and lack of workers stamina and endurance, as will farmers life give you physical strength and a natural joy and skill to use your body in hard labor!
  • Physical constitution and birthmarks will indicate your former lifestyle and death wounds. Many tribes of american Indians would examine the body of a new born child, to look after a birth mark, that would match the death wound of a diseased chief, as a sign to confirm the reincarnation.

Other advice to valuate a past life experience can be found in the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reincarnation .

An example of Past life Therapy experience:

A woman in her forties is very unhappy, telling her therapist about an event, she can’t understand! The week before she suddenly hit her son, who walked down the staircase in there house, – hit him in the face without any reason or warning! She wanted help to investigate this strange act of violence!

The therapist used a method of regression, that utilize emotional trigger. By concentrating on the bodily sensation of rage,that she felt in the moment of the act, a spontaneous bridge to the origin is created, a tunnel back in time to the traumatic incident, that is still alive in her body, causing the strange aversion towards her own son.

She was immediately taken back in history to ancient Rome – at least this was her description. She saw herself, as a young Romain beauty on her way to the building of a bath facility. She vividly described the marble construction with a big staircase entrance bordered by columns in classic roman style. On her way up the stairs, she suddenly halted, seeing a young handsome nobleman coming smiling down towards her, from the top of the stairs! She got scared, took a step back, stumbled on the stairs and fell backwards, banging her head on the edge so unhappily, that she died!

With the help of the therapist, she was guided back in that same life, to investigate the story, and a romantic encounter took form! She saw herself as a peasant girl of seldom beauty, going to town to sell the family crops on the market. Her description of houses, clothing and atmosphere was full of detail and convincing in it’s consequence fitting clearly with historic facts from the roman empire. One day a young charming nobleman came riding in to the market on his wagon, fine dressed in leather armor and leather sandals, classically bound up his strong calves! Seeing the beautifull girl he made contact, slowly winning her with his charm and status!

Love between classes being impossible, they met in secrecy, and during regression, a wonderfull romantic story unfolds, more intimate and astonishing, than the best Hollywood movie! The favorit spot of rendevous, seemed to be the roman bath, swimming and making love in the water in the moonlight. The therapist role is here to put questions to help focussing on details in the scene, like forrinstance, the cealing construction of marble balks, with open air squares in between, through which the lovers could see the full moon!

As the secret love affair went on, the rich nobleman installed his love in a house in town, where they could meet and enjoy each other! After some time the girl got pregnant and came down with a child. The young father lost his interest in the girl, and moved on to other innocent beauties, as was common for his kind at that time!

Years went by, when the young mother had to raise her child alone, feeling abandoned and alone and finally bitter! On day she was going to the bath, and the incident on the staircase happened to end her life so suddenly and dramatic!

The woman in her present life, recognized her son as the nobleman in the ancient life, and the therapist could guide her through the process of forgiveness, that is the essence of the healing part of past life therapy! Often more investigation is needed, fully to understand the life and background of the opponent in a regression. In this case, to understand how this young man was brought up and what kind of  social rules and normalities you could expect from that! It is important not to judge past behavior with modern eyes and ethics, but to get a deep understanding of  cultural conduct and ethics in the local time frame. To role reverse and put yourself in the shoes of the other, is a wonderful method that can start a fruitful process of forgiveness!

This woman could easily understand this, and even bring forgiveness back into the house, by telling her son about the experience. He was open and positive to the phenomena, and they had a good and deep healing talk about it all!

It’s unique though, to actually tell about such an experience to the persons involved in the regression scene, and it’s not necessary for the healing purpose. Forgiveness is what takes part in your heart, and is not dependent on the receiver! Often the object of forgiveness has passed away already, but the therapy works anyhow!

It’s typical for past life therapy, that the first stop of regression is in a life as a victim! The emotional bridge often points to dramatic trauma from death experience, imposed by violence or abuse. This can explain mystical phobias, fears and anxiety from this lifetime, but it’s still a karmic effect of an earlier cause, so to heal the person totally, we need to go deeper! Further regression will reveal the chain of lifetimes that let to this effect, and somewhere, way back in time, we will find the long suppressed memory of us as the villain – the bad guy! This is much harder to get in touch with, and even much harder to forgive! It might take many sessions to get that deep in therapy, and great motivation from the client.  But as many roles from past lives might still be around in other roles in present life, the process of forgiveness can change and transform life in many unexpected ways! Apart from freedom from old chains and emotional burdens from unsolved past trauma,  it often heal physical symptoms and illness too.

In this kind of therapy, it’s not important to know what is real memories or what is fantasy or symbols. The emotional response is true, and the therapy works even on the symbolic level, as forinstance in Leuner’s symbol drama . Some clients though,  do have a richness in detail, that makes it convincing as real memories, and it happens that a client will use his or her holiday to visit places from a regression experience. It is told, that it is a very strong feeling to actually find your own tombstone on the same graveyard, where you under regression witnessed your own burial! Even if this is not a scientific proof to modern science, it’s proof enough for the client and the therapist!


Good Karma, Bad Karma

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Life is more and more complicated, as civilization evolves, so we all long for simplicity! In fiction we love to see a clear line between good and bad, and often the first few minutes of a Hollywood movie defines who is the villain an who is the hero! But in the cosmic perspective, it’s not that simple – as a matter of fact, the happy ending of the movie, where the hero kills the bad guy, is just the beginning. For the cosmic eye, the perspective of reincarnation and karma, makes it clear, that the karmic tie between two living beings, will demand interaction until the very point of forgiveness and reconciliation, will relieve and neutralize  the karmic wave of divine teaching. This might take several lifetimes of encounters in different roles and shapes, as the drama class of the master teacher himself!

The encounter of two persons has it’s own karmic pattern, often beginning with a confrontation. From beginning of time, all strangers where potential enemies, a rival of territory, mating battles and power struggles! This was due to survival instincts and still a living part of our organic animal side! Action movies and thrillers, illustrate these hormone reflexes very vividly, and it’s so nice, just to be swept away by this convincing bias of clear cut Good and Bad sympathies from the TV couch, indulging in the simplicity of a fight for a just case, using whatever force and weapon is necessary to accomplish the mission! For a minute, we are in a karma free zone, like a bubble in time, a perfect illusion of order -kill the murderer, and all is good!

But as every bullet will return to the shooter, this illusive bubble will burst! The encounter will continue from life to life, roles will be reversed, identity shifted and circumstance mirrored back in the perfect setting, to return the exact same quality of energy, we once imposed on the other! For each impact of the karmic wave pattern, suffering will evolve our  capacity of compassion and empathy, and at the same time transform the karmic relationship very slowly, from enemy, to opponent, to preferred and most worthy opponent, to  most respected opponent, to respected allied, to friend, to best friend, to lover, to sisters and brothers, to children……and through many lifetimes all conflicts and antipathies will be resolved, forgiven, outlived and transformed to that point, where the relation is totally relaxed and neutral again….and it will be time for paths to part, to give free all mutual obligations! This is the final graduation of the divine college of relationship study, and in the cosmic view – we will all pass!

So what is Good and what is Bad in this broadened perspective? Yes, very simple – all is Good! What we call Bad or evil, is only lack of knowledge! Martinus calls it “the unpleasant Good”! It might be hard, it might hurt; but it’s the most loving and adequate lesson we need to get on back on track! It’s the perfect mirror of life, and to look for old sides of our self in the eyes of our opponent, and to consciously take steps towards forgiveness and tolerance towards those who confront us, those who harm us, those who dislikes us or those we dislike, is the strongest form of spiritual practice we could ever imagine!

And as everything begins in the mind, the strongest form of meditation is to take five minutes each day to think positive on these individuals! Just relax, imagine the person in front of you seen from his or her best human side, imagine the person genuine happy and joyful and when you are ready, imagine the two of you embracing each other in forgiveness and friendship! Give it time, be tolerant to yourself! Forgiveness is a process that can take time – sometimes many lifetimes, so every small step is a huge victory, and finally you will succeed, and experience the transformation of  relations on all levels, until you have no more enemies left – just a world full of dear friends, brothers and sisters of all races, species and steps of evolution.

This perspective do not make us passive spectators to the suffering of our fellow beings, just excusing our indifference with the claim: “That’s his or hers karma”! In the contrary, cosmic empathy will make it impossible to stand passive! The pain of our brothers and sisters is a pain in our own organism, and real brotherly love will force us to act and engage in any helping activity possible! This natural act of humanity and compassion is at the same time Good Karma for those victims of “Bad” or unpleasant  Karma, and will – in our own fate, create bright waves of future Good Karma to return, when we are in need ourselves!

So life is not black or white, theres is no Good and Bad, but only the cosmic principle of contrast, necessary for the experience of life itself ! By this rule, life comes in all shades, conducted by the law of  reincarnation and karma, to carry us further on the eternal path of spiritual evolution. And when times are dark, in times of crises; often the light is equally brighter! Shining waves of help and support, comfort, protection, healing and relief, will find it’s way and lighten up the shadows and bring hope and peace to a troubled mind!

For each major crises on earth, thousands of victims will wonder and ask: “Why me!” Old paradigms and dogmas will fall, failing to explain this crucial question, and the search for a higher purpose and justice is born…… and for a modern, logic mind – karma is the only plausible answer!  Like a candle in the dark, divine logic and love, will show us the cosmic justice of karma and reincarnation. It will not justify or inspire acts of violence and crime, but it will explain the mission of pain and suffering in this part of human evolution on earth!  And it will make it obvious, that the path ahead is that of brotherly love, forgiveness and compassion, and make us understand clearly, that we all have the key of a better and more joyful life,  in our own hands!


Einstein and the Theory of Everything

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In the documentary “Einsteins unfinished” , the point is that the genius after his breakthrough with the Theory of general relativity, lost contact with reality, when he did not believe the next scientific theory of quantum mechanics! The clarity of his earlier work confirmed his inner conviction of order in the universe, and a God behind creation. In opposition to the new paradigm of probability, where it was impossible to foretell the nature of a quantum, Einstein still searched for a Theory of everything, one simple law, a unified field theory, that combines gravity with the electromagnetic forces, explaining it all in beautiful order!

In his discussion with the danish quantum scientist Niels Bohr, he expressed the famous words: “God don’t play dice with the universe!” , and Bohr answered: ” Don’t tell God what to do with his dice!” Einstein had this inner feeling, that it should be possible to read the mind of God: ” Why should it be impossible?” For Einstein it was obvious: “When the solution is simple – God is answering”! “We just have to continue asking questions!” ” I don’t think God is hiding anything for us, he just want us to search a little higher!”

So can we search a little higher? Is there a Theory of everything, behind -still to be found? Well, maybe a spiritual approach is was we need to go higher! What can we learn from the law of karma and reincarnation as described in Martinus Cosmology, that can help us out?

We need a way to combine quantum mechanics with this new Theory of everything, and thus build bridges between the paradigms of Bohr and Einstein! We know from all scientific progress, thanks to quantum mechanics, that it works, but at the same time, we know that cosmos is in order, that God is alive and don’t play dice! How do we solve that riddle, the biggest paradox of modern science?

We need to change our point of view, I guess. The present scientific paradigm is based on the doctrine of matter. The way to research matter is to measure it’s nature and behavior with physical instruments, and from that do mathematical hypothesis! The smaller the particles we investigate are, we get more and more strange results, and we loose control, so we can’t predict if they are particles or waveforms, or where they turn up! It even seems as if the observation itself changes there behavior!

If we change our viewpoint to a new paradigm -the paradigm of life, it’s a total different story! In this cosmological perspective, everything is living beings within living beings, even atoms, electrons, quarks, strings or what ever small particles science discover! The life paradigm see living beings -where science see dead matter! So what can the wisdom of cosmology tell us about quantum mechanics?

The strength of spiritual science is the simplicity of cosmic logic! It’s the same rules and laws all over in both micro- and macrocosm. So the proof is to learn from what is close to us and extend those experiences to what is far away. In the cosmic sense, we are just fooled by illusion of perspective, when we see difference in size and distance, so in reality, it’s right before our eyes – just as simple as Einstein thought it would be!

Future science will combine these two paradigms into a new whole concept of a theory of everything, and Einstein will rejoice in heaven! Or will he? Is he still there, or is he already born again, somewhere on earth, a child maybe, who prepares himself to continue his quest in a new time, where there might be a better soil for his genius?

We will leave the details of such a research to him and other new real scientists in his spirit, but we might already pose some principles to illustrate the direction!

  • Life science is searching for life expression. Perhaps the irrational behavior of quantum is due to the difference in time perspective. The further we go down in microcosm, the quicker the lifetime is over, and for human eyes we can no longer follow the process of reincarnation. What we think is the same atom, electron or quantum, could in fact be a huge chain of incarnations in a row, and maybe the irregularity just depends on our instrument hitting a physical incarnation or between lives -particles or waveforms!
  • Even our thoughts are made of living microbeings, and maybe quantum mechanics are close to that micro universe that build our thoughts. It is said, that when man is in full control of his mind, mind will control matter! Happily there is a firewall to that capacity -it’s only a pure mind, with cosmic consciousness, that can fully control matter, but already now, we begin to see examples of mind over matter, and the scientists thoughts changing his small objects, just by observing, could be one!
  • Gravity and electromagnetics is part of the organic structure of the universe, and maybe the solution of the riddle is the same as the fusion of the two paradigms -mind and matter! Gravity, being mother earths willpower to condense matter is fused with her electromagnetic life force as body is fused with spirit! What humans uses as electricity is in fact the Qi of our planet! So the Theory of all is not a theory, but a living organic structure, the very nature of every living being in universe -and even the nature of the infinite universe itself – God!
  • The consequences of life science in this new paradigm is enormous. Not only to find new energy sources for the inhabitants of our strained planet, but even to prevent future disasters of karmic release. New insight in life in both micro- and macrocosm, will change human behavior and conduct to all areas of life, where ignorance prevailed before, creating disaster for billions of micro worlds just by lighting a candle, eating a meal or thinking the wrong thought! “

“There is no reason to live, without purpose!” Einstein said! So he passed away before he could solve the riddle! I wonder if he met spirits like Martinus in the afterlife, and I guess they would totally agree! And as a thought has it’s own life, an unfinished thought or an unfinished symphony will always find it’s way to perfection -if not in this, then in the next life! I’m convinced that Einstein will come back and finish his symphony and so help the world to a new era of life science. The world needs scientists like Einstein, but as the atom bomb proved, the world was not ready for his genius before, but hopefully it will be, the next time around!

So maybe his Theory of Everything will be even more simple than he could ever imagine! So simple that it could sound like: “All is very good”!



By hermes January 10th, 2010, under Basics

Awareness is a popular concept in New Age circles, and is defined en many ways concerning the art of “being in the now” , “mindfullness” , and in many spiritual groups inspired of eastern philosophies! It’s often indicated that modern man is to much in either the future or in the past, and so less present here and now!

It’s easy to understand, that regrets of past mistakes and future worries can fill up our mind, to that degree, that it consumes all our consciousness, so we miss the present…… but let’s go a bit deeper and investigate some paradoxes, that follow these thoughts!

First, let´s put the question: What kind of creature is always living in the present?  Yes, Animals! Is it not what make us human, that we have the capacity to expand our consciousness from the now, till both past and future? And is it not an expanded awareness to be able to remember our mistakes and plan for a better future? Humanity is to bother! To be careful not to do the same mistake again, when it comes to our relation with our fellow creatures – both man and animal? To live on pure instinct, as an animal, guided by survival instinct and hormones only, is not the kind of awareness we would like at the present state of evolution!

So the art of awareness is not solely to live fully, here and now, but even to be conscious in both past and future, in a balanced way, so we can learn from our mistakes and create a more human future for all involved, without missing the thrill of now! The paradox is, that an unbalanced indulgence in the now, takes us back in evolution, more close to animal life, where we very easily will consume our fellow citizens now, due to lack of good planning! Poor planning and poor updating of earlier experiences will create more kaos and mistakes, and thus more need for help from others, consuming their chance to recreate in whatever now, they need for health and inspiration!

Of course, the karmic paradox in this is, that helping each other out in chaos and crises, might be just the right focus to help us into the now again! It’s a well known fact that people come closer in times of crises, and the now and the awareness of real human encounters is much more alive then, than in  escapism of media, film and literature! So in this way karma do help us out again!

The closest we get to that kind of awareness in daily life, in the present state of earth evolution,  might be in therapy groups and other kind of encounter groups, where skilled leaders create such a safe atmosphere, that we can let go defenses and share our most vulnerable side, with no risk of abuse or psychological violation of our integrity. This is where catharsis help us release inner tension and blocks and help us to insight of old trauma and support us in the healing act of forgiveness! Being totally “naked” and open in sharing our inner most, is a unique awareness, that gives us a glimpse of how a totally human society would be like, in the future real human kingdom of peace and harmony.

In the cosmic perspective, the highest form for awareness is cosmic consciousness -the ability to see through the universe in both time and space. This kind of awareness is totally unlimited, it’s the divine consciousness itself! Legends and spiritual traditions talks about this as the highest form of initiation and modern spiritual science acknowledge it as the ultimate goal of spiritual evolution. The forerunners of this natural state of human evolution are what we call “cosmic glimpse”  – a very short spiritual experience, often in seconds only, where we suddenly know that life is eternal, the universe is living and infinite, that we are all one and that all is very good!

This awareness of oneness – that all living creatures are linked and in the inner core, the same divine presence, will instantly change our lives! We will know, as clear as bright sunlight, that we are all brothers and sisters -including animals, plants and mineral, and our relation to our fellow beings, will change our behavior and conducts of daily life! Being most concerned of the wellbeing of all living creatures around us, we will do our very best, not to harm anyone – especially creatures with a developed nervous system like humans and animals! Any pain or suffering on a fellow being will instantly be felt in our own organism, due to the extended empathy of this conscious oneness. It’s obvious, that it would be impossible to eat any kind of meat or fish, or even animal products that are waste products of the meat industry, with this kind of awareness!

So it is important to differ between the use of words like awareness and oneness in this deeper concept, and the more common use as a feeling of oneness or awareness in different New Age doctrines and methods! We should be cautious not to fall into new movements of mass suggestion, where the strong sensation itself is taken for proof of higher levels of spiritual consciousness! Man is a highly suggestive creature, and can easily be seduced to believe that a strong ecstatic feeling or sensation is proof enough, but are there not thousands of examples in religious history, of how this strong suggestive sense of  “oneness with God” or the feeling of being the chosen one , can turn leaders into the worst kind of inquisitors  and crowds into holy warriors? Too many wars are conducted in the name of God, and too many condemnations from spiritual conviction!

So we need to be aware of the difference between a state of mind and a state of evolution.  Therapy, encounter groups, spiritual disciplines like meditation and yoga and the suggestive power of strong spiritual leaders, can help us experience another state of mind and higher awareness and feeling of oneness in connection to other beings, nature and everyday life experience.  This is like peeping through the keyhole to divine bliss, and can give us good inspiration on our path ahead, but it is nothing compared with the open door of cosmic consciousness, where our nervous system and organism is fully developed and prepared to be aware in Gods prime consciousness.

Humans are eager and impatient, and the longing for inner peace and joy, makes it popular to seek shortcuts to paradise. Art of living could be to find peace with exact that level of spiritual evolution, that comes natural at each step on the eternal ladder. There are no harm in getting inspiration and to peek through keyholes, but if we ever get disappointed of the setbacks of daily life , that can contrast immensely to those rare moments of feeling total aware, we can get comfort in knowing, that there is no hurry – and that we will all get there in due time!

If we are in doubt of our natural state of human evolution, the most dependable valuation is, only to judge the tree from it’s fruits. A true spiritual leader is always walking the path ahead as an example for all followers! His footsteps should be bordered with signs of real human qualities as brotherly love, humbleness, forgiveness and concrete signs of respect for all living creatures on earth. Awareness in ecology and vegetarianism are obvious examples!

So when karma knocks on our door and demands attention to irritating earthly responsibilities and duties, abruptly taking us away from our wonderful meditation  of oneness and awareness, it’s a good chance to practice our new talents of humanity, and maybe we can change our state of mind in forgiveness and tolerance, being fully aware, that the annoying person that knocks, is a perfect mirror of our own past, and thus little by little reach the next state of evolution.  To be at peace with our own natural state of evolution, is to be tolerant and patient to us selves. There might be setbacks -trial and error -and it might take much longer, than we think;  but eventually -as all is very good – we will all get there!


War and Terror

By hermes January 7th, 2010, under Karma

The origin of warfare are rooted deep in the animal kingdom of survival instinct and rival combat. As intelligens evolve in homo sapiens, war is expanded to other areas of life as vanity and a taste for power demands stronger weapons and bigger army’s.  Sadly the development of big religious institutions boosted warfare, as it became so much easier to kill in the name of God! Besides the “holy” battles, a lot of other mass suggestion induced wars where born from political propaganda and racist convictions of what is the just motive for war! So many fear catalyzed generalizations have escalated to massive crises of war and terror, to that extend,  that nobody really  remember why they are fighting  anymore!

But as the world evolves, and consciousness slowly grows in mankind, the ideals and expressions changes. Instead of an imperialistic conquering army, we now have a defense army, and the world media are keen to detect any violation of human rights, even in modern warfare and defense activity as in the battle against terrorism.

Man is still half animal, though, and it’s easy to awaken the sleeping monster within, if a skilled politician or agitator can manipulate the fear for an enemy, even if he exist in fantasy only! One act of terror is enough to spark the “just war for peace” – and suddenly the cause rules the way, and it looks like a huge setback in  humanity when we take arms to kill in the name of peace and justice – as a step backwards in evolution.

What is going on- seen from the spiritual side of world crises? And what kind of karmatic patterns can explain the unspeakable suffering of modern war? Let’s try to sort out a few cosmic perspectives:

  1. There is a masterplan
  2. The purpose of war
  3. The quest for peace begins within
  4. Revenge and forgiveness
  5. The principle of Hunger and Saturation

1.  The fine balance of Cosmos is not only keeping planets in orbits and heat in the stars, but even rules destiny of man. If “all is good” -there must be a plan, even with war! After each world war our civilization on earth agree to put an end to war, and big efforts are made to prevent future armed crises! After the last war, the UN was created as an embryo to a future world government of peace and cooperation.  The foundation of Human Rights and the birth of all humanitarian organisations to support global healthcare and welfare, to overcome poverty and hunger, springs from a common longing for peace and inspire us to follow the masterplan towards an international world kingdom on earth! If mother earth was a town, there would be no sherif, no law, no justice – it would still be “the wild west” , where every citizens have to bare arms to protect himself. But the plan is real civilization, and slowly the embryo will grow and take form, but though it is only minutes for mother earth, it can be several thousands of years for man, before maturity transform the embryo of UN to a supreme world government of peace and justice!

2.  For this transformation, we badly need guidance, and guess who the best teacher is? Yes – karma! Imagine what kind of lesson that could persuade the superpowers of earth to hand over there armed forces to a neutral world peace force? The thrill of power is very hard to let go, I’m afraid, and many religious and political issues will still be ruling the outcome of conflicts in favor of local and in opposition of global goals, for many decades ahead! What we need is that level of compassion and tolerance, that only karma can create! Only through cause and effect, will the bullet return to the shooter and the missile to its origin, and teach exactly that physical lesson, that will turn the soldier to become a pacifist for all future! And we already see them all around – young men and woman, who deny to carry arms, because the past life trauma of war sufferings are so alive in there imagination and compassion, that they are unable to hurt anyone anymore! They have learned the lesson of peace – the lesson of karma!

3.  Again a shift of perspective can help us get the ball rolling! The peacework begin inside! Make peace with youself -and you can be in peace with the world! War is not only outer events on a battlefield, but even mental war of inner conflict and destructive thoughts towards your neighbor! The act of tolerance begins with the understanding of unity of all living beings in the universe, including those in our own microcosm! Thoughts and feelings of aggression, hate, depression, bitterness and so  creates war and terror among our microbeings, as well as intolerance in our surroundings. To practice tolerance and understanding – to mentally place yourself in the shoes of your opponent – to think positively of those you fear and dislike – is the strongest and highest form for meditation ever! This will lighten our spirit and bring peace of mind, and at the same time bring peace to the cosmos within!  Imagine if our leaders could be masters of that discipline?

4.  So why is this masterplan taking so long? It seems as if man is a creature of habit! Many old traditions stick to our behavior automatically, as if they where an organic part of our being. And so they are! A little spiritual living organ in our superstructure still repeats the act of revenge in subconscious mind and soul, even if we try to practice the art of forgiveness in our most conscious and focussed moments! This is due to the principle of talent creation. That old habits only can vanish, when it is not used, and when a new talent or skill of opposite value is learned instead. The first wish of change comes from the awareness through karma,  and to exchange revenge with forgiveness is hard work of practice, step by step, little by little, before the new capacity of love and forgiveness is as automatic as the old instinct of hate and vengeance. It takes much more bravery to stop defending yourself and to use your new found skills of humanity, than just to fall in to old instincts of survival!  When you see your own past mirrored in the eyes of your enemy, he is instantly transformed to your friend! Forgive him -and you forgive yourself!

5.  Some soldiers are not done fighting yet! Our world need some big crises still, to release the war karma of history, and learn the lesson of peace! For this, new battlefields on earth will be a good teaching ground for younger souls to learn – and in this epoch, we will see how eager soldiers will incarnate to go to war! But thanks to karma, this is the best way to create pacifist – through the cosmic law of hunger and saturation. The hunger of power and excitement – the hunger for arms – the hunger for blood will very soon bee saturated, and the law of contrast will awaken the new longing for peace – a new hunger!

Our history is a history of war, so the saturation is nearly done and the hunger for peace is new and fresh! Young people is still in the repetition period, so most soldiers are not updated from all past life experiences before they reach 30. Maybe this is one of the reasons of all suicides of veterans.  The awareness of maturity deeply regrets acts of war done in ignorance of youth, as they where done by another person! And in a way they where, representing a state of evolution from lifetimes long gone! But for each lifetime, repetition of soldier lives will be pushed further back in age, just to be expressed and saturated in innocent games of fantasy wars and computer games. The grown up person will be fully conscious in his peace loving conviction so he can be a peace worker, both within and in society!

These are the new leaders we need to fulfill the masterplan! The rulers of the future world government are leaders of wisdom and tolerance. The only power they conduct, is the power of cosmic truth! We will see leaders with outer humbleness and inner strength, brave to depend fully on the law of karma, knowing that the only protection from war, is peace! Being the only armed force on earth, they will never need to use it!

As an apple ripe, and a flower bloom and sets seeds, the masterplan will succeed – and there will come a time when karma only brings joy and happiness, where all our sincere efforts as peace workers in wartimes, bounce back in love and compassion, served by all wonderful peaceloving people, we once forgave,  helped and saved!