Love karma

“Everything is allowed in war and love” , they say – as if these areas are “karma free zones”, but sadly, that is not true! In the contrary, these areas are main channels og karma for mankind! It’s strange, in a way, that the suffering of breakdown in marriage and relationships, as the agony of loneliness has such a massive impact on human lives, and that the vulerability of love is so fragile! Love should be the most natural thing in the world, but seems to be so hard to catch!

Maybe we need to go deeper to understand! First, what is love? Yes, love is so many different things, and for a start, love – and “falling in love” is totally different sides! Love, in a broader sence, is universal, to care and to give of yourself for the best of your fellow being, even if it means to put your own needs last. “Falling in love” though, is a biological insanity, as science call it, a hormonal state of inflatuation, with the only purpose to multiply – and as such, very effective!

Of course, reality is a strange mix of these extreemes! We fall in love, build relations and family, and in the best cases, love changes during the cause to involve more universal love, that can last for a long and happy marriage, but just as often to much expectations are put down abruptly, when the honeymoon is over, and the hormones no longer provide for the thrill, and you suddely look through the illusion, to realize, who is on the pillow beside you in the morning! And instead of your love one, it turns out to be a total stranger!

As humanity grows within, this capacity to fall in love is vaning and universal love is gaining. Even if the hormones makes you go after good looks and charm to start with, the interest quickly end, when the inner quality of the other person, by a closer contact shows huge differences in values and ethics. The trick is now to look through the illusion and discover the quality of content underneath, to find your true soulmate!

But often life is teaching us about love the hard way. So many incarnations in the “falling in love” area makes deep karmic impact on our present destiny. The high voltage of this survival instinct of the species have been overriding the little humanity we could show in the beginning of human evolution, thus creating karmic lessons still catching up on us in modern time.  As almost every second marriage in modern society crashes, we need a cosmic explanation of this new law of nature!

Martinus offers a new perspective in the principle of polar evolution – the natural organic changing of sexuality in man.  In this scope, humans are no longer pure male and female beings, but more and more androgynic creatures, where the opposite sexual pole is gaining towards a distant future of supreme double-poled humans, instead of men and women. Many legends talk about this, and the divorce-rate affirm that it is actually happening! And as the new sexual identity awakens, new inner creative skills and needs competes with the traditionell rolemodells of the outer sexual appearance. We fall in love with a man or a woman, but get a much more complicated packet, when we unwrap the secret. In a way it’s a relationship between four people instead of only two – with all complexity and challenges, this brings up!

And as this gives a certain instability in relations, it makes modern love more vulnerable, and sensitive to karmic leftovers from the past! Degeneration of the capacity of “falling in love” cause the thrill to burn out quicker, and the temptation of deception and “fooling around” bigger, when you still search for the same old kind of romance! In this way we find ourselves cheated on, walked out on, abandoned and out classed by someone younger, smarter, richer, more charming or good looking….an echo from the past mirroring old roles we played ourselves as a Don Juan or a Cleopatra in lifetimes far gone!

So how to deal with these unpleasant karmic waves of love destiny? As usual we need to be aware of our act, to create a better destiny for the future! A simple rule is to do nothing to others, that you would not have others do to you, so it calls for the classic virtues as honesty, modesty, forgiveness and daily practice of the new brotherly love to shift the point of balance more towards future standards!

Even if we have this compass course clearly outlined, it’s still an art of life to find the best pace of action. One step at a time, still to be true to your natural state of development, is the goal; as the risk of overdoing is obvious! The highest fire of sexuality can not be suppressed, as it is a cosmic life force -the core of creation in the deepest sense of giving and receiving energy!

The secret of balance is to find that point of giving and taking, that fills you with inspiration and life force and to recognize the movement forward in the natural slow eternal evolution ahead! If you aim to low, you feel bored and loose energy in old habits and conventions, that is not your real home anymore; and if you shoot to high, you loose credibility when words and act is in obvious conflict, so you find yourself lonely in the illusion of being more worthy than others!

So there is no easy way out, but honest hard work in awareness of the transition from animal to real human being! In the process of forgiveness towards the antagonists of love – the carriers of love karma – we finally changes the future. Through brotherly love and friendship we will overcome jealousy, bitterness and depression and thus transform the epoch  of unhappy marriages to the epoch of happy divorces and new friendships. As a beginning we already see new signs of this, as we transform our divorced ex to a new sister or brother, and the rival to a new friend!

In the future we will see more signs of  more human solutions to old love dramas, and slowly the world will leap into a new age of a brighter shade of love and understanding, slowly creating the real human kingdom on earth, where we all love each other, no matter sex or prevalents. For such a love-being, every encounter is sexuality at is best! Any look into an eye, any word, any touch is orgiastic pleasure – a divine experience of universal, endless, pure love!


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