When summer is here, nature blossoms and overwhelm us with beauty in color and shape! Why? We take it for granted, but who says that nature has to be beautiful? Let’s look at the meaning of a flower from different perspectives!

The darwinistic: to survive

The biological: to multiply

The medical: to provide raw material for new drugs.

The industrial: to provide raw material for new products in chemistry and textile production.

The ecological: to feed and heal insects, animal and humans and to absorb CO2 and produce oxygen and finally make soil for new vegetation.

The artistic: to inspire and frame the world in beauty!

The romantic: to awaken our senses in an orgy of smell, taste and vision to escape into a world of pleasure and romance.

The spiritual: As long as a flower exists, the awareness of a higher reality will never die! The vegetal kingdom is a world of perfection and harmony that embodies all the above goods for the planet. A flower is a living being in supreme automation or instinct with an extraordinaire life force. Whereever there is a chance for growth, a flower will appear! The genius of shape and function show us the end of an evolution of millions of years, but not by chance! The universal intelligens has a plan for all living creatures in both micro- and macrocosm to match all evolutionary steps to a perfect equilibrium – cosmos! So mutations are intentional, controlled, mediated for this purpose and not coincidental! There is no chance! The universe is a living being!

In this perspective, the flower is awaken in the spiritual reality and sleeping in the physical! It has no nervous system..feels no pain..but can begin to sense contrasts as light and shadow, cold and heat, rain and draught. More evolved meat eating us the next step of evolution towards the animal kingdom in the eternal cosmic spiral evolution from mineral (indigo) to plant (red) to animal (orange) to human (yellow) to spiritual being …!

The Road towards Light

So when we enjoy the beauty of a flower, we actually look into the genious of the spiritual world, and catch a glimpse of the bliss of the godhead. In this higher realm of wisdom and universal love new worlds of beauty and wonder are now being created. Every flower, every creature in the eternal universe, every evolutionary step in shape and function is created in detail and in harmony with the whole by the ingenious workers inhabited in Gods consciousness. Here in the wisdom kingdom every seed is made for all future life forms, here we construct our own future organisms, organising structure of all microcosmic beings..that we once where ourselves.. to new organs and bodies for furture incarnations! This is the perpetium mobile of the universe..a never ending life renewal and ever changing life experience for all living beings! All is good!





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